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On Hiatus Indefinitely

When I started this blog, it was to keep track of what I had been reading (because there’s nothing quite as disappointing as starting a new book only to realize that you had read it years ago and forgot all about it, or to know you love a book but not remember why). Over the years, there was also the excitement of meeting other book bloggers and raving with them about books that we’ve loved.

This year I haven’t had the time to blog about anything regularly. I have about 10 reviews backed up that I haven’t had the time to write. And this stresses me out.

I have also been getting stressed out by just the thought of starting a new book and not having the time to review it, so haven’t been reading anything lately.

I need to put this blog on hold until I get excited about posting here again. If I do.

If I don’t, then I will find another way to share what I’ve read – whether it’s through Instagram, LibraryThing, Facebook, or some other social network that I haven’t discovered yet. Right now I’m leaning towards Instagram, since it’s going to be the least time commitment and will still allow me to focus on other things that have gained importance in my life.

I may be back at some point in the future, once I get back my passion and excitement about sharing what I’ve read.

Until then, I hope to run into you on Twitter or Facebook.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:17 am October 21, 2015.
Category: Day to Day

  • Aarti

    I completely understand this feeling, Courtney! My reading has been sporadic at best this year, and I have very little motivation to write reviews. It just isn’t clicking for me. I took a hiatus and came back, but then basically disappeared again. A lot of readers use Instagram for reading now – I think it’s a great idea :-)

  • Lisa

    Totally understand feeling that way. I stopped reviewing (years ago) for similar reasons. You need to be able to enjoy reading and not stress over reviews. I love seeing what you’re reading so I selfishly hope you’ll post on Instagram! :)

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