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Night Steps: Recap

On Saturday evening, I stood utterly inspired as Jessica Watkin told us about her experiences with the CNIB. This young woman lost her vision in high school, and the CNIB helped her gain her independence by reteaching her how to do what a lot of us do without thought. Can you imagine needing to learn how to do your laundry all over again? Or how you would find things in your fridge if you couldn’t see them? The CNIB helped gain independence.

With the CNIB’s assistance, when she moved away for university, she learned how to navigate between her dorm, her classrooms, the cafeteria, and anywhere else she would need to go on a regular basis. This woman was able to study, work and graduate. Which is as it should be for anyone who wants to attend post-secondary institutes on their own, but how often do you really stop and consider those who have to overcome other difficulties like this?

She also travelled to England for a few months. On her own.

On her own.

Goodness, I couldn’t do that and I have good vision in both my eyes.

I am seriously in awe of this young woman.

CNIB Night StepsEven when you have someone in your family who is blind, you don’t really think about the extreme magnitude of how much it can really affect someone’s life. Or how much the CNIB really does to help these people gain independence.

So, when participating in the CNIB’s Night Steps program this weekend, I was reminded about how important this organization is, and how much of an impact it can make on a person’s life.

For those who sponsored me in this walk, thank you.

For anyone who still wants to donate to the CNIB to help them provide the help visually impaired people need, you can do so on the CNIB website.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:20 am September 30, 2014.
Category: Day to Day