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The Search For Narnia

I don’t know how I first discovered C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia, whether it was the BBC series or through the reading of the books… but I have been absolutely in love with it for as long as I remember. It is a beautiful, imaginative story, that allows for those who discover it to really believe in magic.

Growing up, I always hoped to find a way into Narnia – on foggy mornings on my walk to school, I would often think that just right out of my view would be some hidden way into Narnia. There would be some way to find a door ajar that had never opened before, or to find myself jerked there by a magical call… at times, it was what I wanted more than anything.

Sadly, I never found my own doorway into Narnia, but I never lost the feeling that there is something so perfectly magical about these books.

My Collection of Narnia Books

The Horse and His BoyI’m one of those people who gets attached to physical copies of books that I love. There are some books that I will never, ever get rid of. And then there are some that I desperately need to have certain editions of.

I must not have received all of the Narnia books at the same point in time, though I honestly don’t remember. I know that for the longest time, while all of my Narnia books were published by Harper Collins, my collection contained books with 3 different sets of covers – two from the 1990 Lions imprint edition, two from the 1990 Lions Boxed Set BBC edition, and three from the 1992 edition.

I absolutely fell in love with the covers in the 1992 edition. I haven’t been able to figure out who did the covers (there isn’t a mention in the books, and I haven’t found information online), but they are absolutely gorgeous. I decided over a decade ago that I wanted my whole collection in the Narnia series to have these covers. (Because I like all of the books in any series I own to be all matching.) Since then, I have been searching used bookstores for the four remaining books in this edition of the series.

On Saturday, I finally completed my search.

The Horse and His Boy is Finally Mine!

Cair ParavalWith a sudden need to go used-bookstoring, I decided to stop by the local used bookstore while I was downtown visiting the market. I had been in this store previously, but honestly don’t remember how great their selection is. The scifi and fantasy section alone was one of the best that I’ve seen outside of Toronto.

While scouring the shelves for books on my TBR list, I found it. The last book in this edition. There it was, The Horse and His Boy just standing out and begging me to take it home.

After a search for over a decade, my set is now complete.

And look at how beautiful it looks when you have them all lined up in (chronological, not published) order! The spines of the book create a lovely illustrated image of Cair Paravel.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:18 am September 2, 2014.
Category: Bookish Talk

  • Kyla @ Mommy’s Weird

    YAY. That is awesome. I love this kind of stuff.

  • Anastasia

    They’re so pretty! I’m super jealous. How lucky that you found the last piece, too– hunting for things in used bookstores is so much fun.