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Runaways: True Believers

Written By: Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrated By: Adrian Alphona
Edition Collects Volume 2 #1-6
Collection Originally Published: 2005
Publisher: Marvel
Source: Purchased

The Story

True BelieversFrom Chapters:

It’s an all-new beginning for the book that Wizard calls “the best original concept from Marvel in thirty years!” When a group of teenagers discovers that their parents are actually super-villains, they run away from home…but that’s only step one! Now that the evil Pride is gone, nearly every bad guy in the Marvel Universe is trying to fill the power vacuum in Los Angeles, and the Runaways are the only heroes who can stop them! Plus: What does a mysterious new team of young heroes want with the Runaways, and which fan-favorite Marvel characters are part of this group? Collects Runaways (2005) #1-6.

The Response

Warning: there is fangirling beyond this point.

I picked this volume of Runaways at Free Comic Book Day and tore through it in a couple of hours. With good reason – I already have the two next volumes, but hadn’t realized that there was one missing between what I had already read and those ones when I bought them. So I’ve been holding off for quite a while. Finally, I can keep reading more!

I still seriously love this series. It’s so much fun! Not just because it’s all yay comic books about super heroes. And not just because it’s all pretty illustrations. There’s something that really grabs me about Marvel’s stories – more so than other comic book publishers, really. I love their cast of characters, and how they can all crossover into other series, and how much fun I have when reading them… and really, that’s what matters right? How much fun they are to read?

This book takes place shortly after the last one, where they discovered who the person in their group that’s betraying them is, and after that character’s death… so we get a few mentions of it, but it doesn’t really seem to deal with the aftermath too much. Still, we get to see how the characters relate more to each other, and how they know each other so much better now than at the beginning of the series. It definitely looks like the betrayal from one of their group members has definitely strengthened the trust between the remaining characters.

The best thing about this series is that you can jump right into it, and the pacing is always pushing the reader forward. There isn’t often a dull moment – and if you haven’t gotten something out of the dialogue, there’s usually something to spark your interest in the illustrations. What the books in this series, and all comic books and graphic novels really, do really well is using it’s illustrations to imply what is happening in the story instead of just straight out telling you. It leaves you thinking on what is going on, and seems a lot less of a passive read than novels can sometimes be.

I don’t normally talk spoilers in my reviews, but I have to gush. So! Spoilers are starting here until the end… (Click on the fuzzy text to make it readable.)

[spoiler]What this instalment REALLY succeeded in unintentionally doing, however, was embiggening my excitement for the next Avengers movies. The big bad in this one? Ultron. Yes, ULTRON. This was my first introduction to Ultron and my goodness! I want to know everything I can about him now. He came across like such a GREAT bad guy, someone I could really get behind hating! Anyone have any recommendations about which series and stories I should read that would give me a lot of exposure to Ultron? Ultron actually appeared in this book because the Runaways gang come across his son – only this kid doesn’t realize that he is Ultron’s son. I really wish we had explored more about this kid, because his story seems really cool too – he was created as a robot, but the nanos in his body are eventually (as he grows up) going to become indistinguishable from human cells. And Ultron’s plan the whole time is from this kid to become an Avenger so that Ultron can eventually turn him against the Avengers and take down all super heroes![/spoiler] Yeah. That went spoilery. But oh my goodness! So much to fangirl about!

The Bottom Line

I think this may have been my favourite volume in the series so far! So great! Highly recommend superhero fans pick up Runaways!

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:09 am May 7, 2014.
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  • Jessica @ Just a Mum?

    I Love Runaways! I have them up til the betrayal – and I’m hoping to find them again when I’m packing for the move. My house is a pit. That wandered a bit .. anyhoo… love Runaways, thanks for reminding me! :)