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On Today’s Drama in the Book Blogosphere…

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Some things went down earlier today on Twitter that left me reeling, pissed off and excruciatingly discouraged. I don’t want to go into too much detail, but know that there was one blogger (a teenager) who plagiarized other bloggers’ content, and things were “resolved” through the use of much public shaming and bullying over Twitter. She has since removed all offending content and made her blog private.

Let me state that again: this blogger was a teenager and other people in our community were bullying her.

We should be above this and letting it happen. Aren’t we supposed to be about spreading the love of books? Wouldn’t it be better for us to help this blogger correct mistakes she’s made so she can better promote and dish about books that she’s loved?

What this blogger did was by no means right. BUT. There are better ways to deal with it than a public shaming, creating a hashtag and meme about it, and outright attacking her.

That just seems extremely cruel to me.

(And before you say it, I know I’m no better than the rest of them because I didn’t stand up to say anything when it was going down.)

Negativity in the Book Blogging Community

People have been talking about the negativity and drama in our community being worse now than normal. Yes, there is a lot of drama there. For some reason, it seems more prevalent here than in other blogging niches, and I’m really not sure why this is the case. But every so often it rears its ugly head. Given time, though, it’ll pass.

(And you know what makes it pass even faster? If you ignore the drama. Normally this is what I do, but today I had to get this off my chest.)

Where do we get off thinking it’s okay to public shame people over mistakes they make?

We forget that the people behind the blogs are real people with real feelings. We react without thinking how our actions may affect another person’s. We forget that other bloggers make mistakes – just like us. We have all made mistakes one our blog. What’s important is that we fix what we did wrong and we grow from it.

In cases like this, maybe we should be talking with the blogger one on one instead of ganging up on and bullying them. Maybe we should be working with them and making them aware of why you shouldn’t be plagiarizing someone else’s work, instead of going full on rage immediately?

Why can’t we all just get along?

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 9:37 pm April 29, 2014.
Category: Bookish Talk

  • CDG63

    Oh gosh, this is awful. I really hope that someone from our community apologizes – because, as you say, sometimes bloggers (especially new or young ones) don’t realize that what is on a blog is owned by that blogger. Sometimes I think anyone under the age of 20 doesn’t know what plagiarization is because of the internet, where everything seems to be communally shared/known.

    It makes me doubly glad I don’t twitter! Thanks for sharing about this so those of us not on twitter do know…..I wonder if this has to do with the overall lack of commenting that is growing? That people are afraid to give their opinion even on books?

    anyway, I do agree with you that it’s better to point out the error and let them fix it. If it keeps happening, then something more can be said. – Susan at You Can Never Have Too Many Books blog

  • Bibliomama

    Yikes. I guess this is one reason that it’s good that my blog is so all-over-the-place – I frequently blog about books, but I’m not enough of a ‘book blogger’ to be aware of stuff that goes on in the ‘community’ (I didn’t even really know there was a community, *sniff*). I agree, public shaming gets quickly out of proportion and out of hand. Some people just seem to be waiting for an excuse to get incensed.