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Maggie Stuart: The Last Rite

Author: Jen Frankel
Originally Published: 2008
Edition Courtney Read Published: 2012
Publisher: Xeno Publications
Source: Purchased at FanExpo 2013

The Story

The Last RiteFrom the back of the book:

This will all be yours…
What could be more enticing – or more terrifying – to a lonely thirteen-year-old than to be offered both companionship and limitless power?

Kidnapped, imprisoned in an underground labyrinth, Maggie Stuart must decide if the ancient being known to her only as “The Burnt Man” is friend or foe, if this is a new home or a deadly trap, and whether or not she can overcome her greatest fear – of what she herself is becoming.

The Response

I wanted to like this book a lot more than I did. There was a lot of potential in it. The concept was really thought out, the story was researched and well put together, and the characters were really well developed. Unfortunately, even though those parts were awesome, overall the book just didn’t work for me.

I found that the pace of the novel was too slow to make it a really good novel. It took a very long time to really get moving, and even when it did there were long periods where nothing much seemed to happen. This book could have used a lot of tightening up and I wish it had been a bit more edited to really push it to the level it could have been.

One thing that Frankel did really well was create a whole world and mythology for this story without any holes in it. She created rules for her world, and didn’t break them, even when Maggie was learning what her abilities were and how to control them. We learned about the world at the same time that Maggie did, which worked really well for revealing what was going on.

The Bottom Line

It was a good first novel in a series, and I really hope that Frankel continues writing and improving her craft, because she does have a lot of talent. That said, however, I don’t feel like I enjoyed this book as much as I had wanted to.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:06 am January 29, 2014.
Category: Young Adult
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  • Kelly Rogers

    That’s too bad this had so much going for it, but was ultimately a disappointment.