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Meal Plan Monday: January 6, 2014

The past few weeks we’ve been eating a lot more and a lot heavier than normal. The holidays are now over, and this week is going to be different. Planning our meal plan this week, I focused on mostly healthier meals. Mostly… one thing in particular really isn’t, but it will totally be a treat for us, and it uses up some of the last of our Christmas leftovers.

This week, we are eating (in no particular order):Meal Plan Monday

  • Turkey Pot Pie. We’ve frozen the last of our leftover turkey, but will be pulling out a bunch of it for this. (This is, btw, my go-to gluten free pie crust as well.)
  • Mediterranean Tuna Antipasto Salad. I always love this for a really super light meal, but I typically only eat it in the summer.
  • Vedge’s Portobello Frites. I’m wondering if John is going to like this one – I’m always trying different vegetarian recipes, but he very much likes the idea of some kin of meat with every meal… hopefully this one is a winner.
  • Asian beef stir-fry with basil and red bell pepper. From the Eat, Shrink, and be Merry! cookbook. Seriously love this series.
  • Cabbage Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Not the kind that you eat when you’re on a starve-yourself diet. This is from the Crazy Plates cookbook and looks pretty hearty. But we have a half a cabbage to finish, and I am definitely looking forward to getting it out of the fridge. (I’m not a cabbage fan.)
  • White Chili with Quinoa. From the Quinoa Revolution cookbook. I’m actually really looking forward to this… which is surprising considering I didn’t actually like chili of any kind until this year.
  • Marinated Pork Chops. I’ll probably be using my regular maple syrup, dijon mustard, balsamic vinegar and rosemary marinade. Super simple and easy.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:12 am January 6, 2014.
Category: Meal Plan Monday

  • Judy@Savoring Today

    Thanks for including a link to our Turkey Pot Pie in your post,
    appreciate that very much. Looks like you’ll have a delicious week with
    this roundup. :)

  • Courtney Wilson

    Hi Judy, thanks for stopping by. I’m really looking forward to trying your recipe out! :)