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Saturday Morning Coffee Reads: January 4, 2014

I’m looking forward to a quiet couple of days this weekend. Right now, John’s still asleep (a result of him staying awake until the wee hours of morn), and I have the apartment to myself. You’ve Got Mail is playing in the background, and we have absolutely nothing planned for either day. This is much needed.

I took a break from sharing some Saturday Morning Coffee Reads for the month of December, since everything was so crazy. But there have been a couple really great posts that I cam across this week and wanted to share.

  • Saturday Morning Coffee ReadsOne of the best blog posts I have read in a while was one the lovely and awesome Karen wrote earlier this week, reminding us that we are enough. It really touched me, and was exactly what I needed to hear. (I am constantly in awe of Karen. She is an amazing person and everyone ought to read her blog and follow her on Twitter.)
  • Another important reminder for us, Christella had an unpleasant experience on New Years Eve and wrote about sexual harassment.
  • I think every Canadian of my generation grew up watching The Littlest Hobo… but how many of you knew the story behind the theme song?
  • Lastly, shameless self promo! I wrote a post about some really simple ways to improve your website’s about page. While it was geared towards Real Estate brokerages, a lot of the points could be applied to any corporate or personal website.

Have you read any great posts this week that I should check out?

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 10:35 am January 4, 2014.
Category: Saturday Morning Coffee Reads

  • Kelly Rogers

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!