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Portfolio Update: Winter Wedding Invitations

I was able to get a beta with Dunked back in April, and quickly fell in love with the website, where anyone can create a great looking portfolio – whether they know how to code or not. While it seems a little silly that a web designer would use a templating system for their own portfolio, the ease of use really won me over. That plus the existing clean templates and the ease of customization. After I had familiarized myself with Dunked, I decided to start using that as my primary portfolio instead of what I had been using previously.

Wedding InvitationsI made the first update today in a while with the most recent freelance project I’ve been working on – a winter wedding invitation package. The groom is actually my kid brother, which is kind of exiting in and of itself. He and his fiancee are getting married in mid-January, and they wanted a winter theme. I was told their colours, shown a few invitations they had liked previously, and given the text. The rest of it was complete freedom to do whatever I wanted with it. And so, I designed a package for the couple that included an invitation, RSVP card, table place cards and a monogram. The monogram will be used on the cupcakes as well as on the card box.

I’m pretty happy with how things turned out – it’s not often you’re given complete creative freedom over a project, so I definitely took advantage of that. It did end up being one of the more fun projects I’ve worked on, and I have to say that seeing something in print that I’ve designed is one of the most exciting things ever.

Hey, look at me being all self promoty!

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 9:12 pm November 19, 2013.
Category: Portfolio Updates