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On The Topic of Halloween Movies

Monsters, ghosts, possessions, demons, slashers… These things terrify me!

There was a time when I couldn’t deal with horror movies. In fact, it wasn’t until about 10 years ago that I finally was able to watch them without it resulting in nightmares. For goodness sake, I couldn’t even watch the Scream movies when they were first out without losing sleep for about a week. Even now, I have a hard time watching scary movies at night (which can make it difficult to go to the movies with Natalie at times – I won’t deny that there have been a couple of occasions where I have been terrified for most of my drive home after seeing a scary movie with her). But if I’m watching it during the day, or if John (who scoffs at horror movies and claims they aren’t actually scary) is willing to sit through another horror movie with me, I have discovered that I actually have a love for things that are strange, disturbing and slightly macabre.

It’s a little weird in all honesty, because I have absolutely no problems with reading scary books… but as soon as it becomes more visual, I am done for. Hello, nightmares! There is something about actually seeing an event happen on screen that makes it so much more real than anything I could ever imagine from what I am reading in a book.

There are some horror movies that I now have to see every Hallowe’en. Because what would Hallowe’en be without a bit of terror? Well… in my case, it’s perhaps better to say, “what would Hallowe’en be without camp, gore and monsters?” So for the past few years, I haven’t been able to go an October without watching at least a couple of scary movies.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture ShowReally, what is Hallowe’en without a visit with some of our favourite campy singing and dancing aliens? Especially while doing the Time Warp along with the movie. I have two goals relating to this movie: one year I am really going to dress up as a member of the chorus for Hallowe’en, and one year I am going to see the movie in theatres.

What I love most about this movie is how over the top everything is. The costumes, the sets, the acting… it’s all the embodiment of camp, and some days that’s all you really need. Plus, it’s extremely amusing to see Tim Curry prancing about in women’s clothing. (It always gives me a good chuckle when John comments that Tim Curry plays such serious roles, because when I think of Tim Curry I automatically think of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, as well as Rooster from Annie and King Arthur from Spamalot.)

The Evil Dead Trilogy

The Evil DeadYes, I said trilogy. Even though I was one of the few who enjoyed the remake, it just wasn’t the same. Also, I’m totally not counting the confirmed but as yet unmade Army of Darkness 2.

I didn’t see these movies until about six years ago, but they very quickly made their way into my rotation. I’ve been a fan of both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi since those Xena: The Warrior Princess days, so it’s surprising I didn’t see these movies before a few years ago, especially considering what classics they are.

Bruce Campbell is utterly amazing in these movies – especially in the second one, where he is fighting his own possessed hand. While the second one is by far my favourite, I like to see each of them every year. (Though I will admit that I cannot watch the first and second back to back at night time, as that can be too much for me even now!)

Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer's BodyI seriously LOVE THIS MOVIE. It really is one of my favourites. I mean, it’s scary and FUNNY and gory and SMART… It was written by Diablo Cody, so you couldn’t really expect anything but that, right?

I’m not typically a big Megan Fox fan, but this movie also stars the lovely and talented Amanda Seyfried. Seyfried alone makes this movie utterly worth watching, and plays an utterly kick butt female character (which, we all know, is something that I can simply never get enough of).

Let The Right One In

Let the Right One InThis is the only movie here that doesn’t make me giggle like mad. Instead, I find it to be a beautiful and haunting movie. I’m serious when I say beautiful – there’s something so gorgeous about the cinematography in this movie. It is also one of the best vampire movies to come out in the past couple of decades – it’s unpredictable and original, and doesn’t focus on vampires as a romance interest. One of the best things about this movie is the slower pace of it and that it doesn’t try to scare you through cheap thrills like a lot of scary movies do. And if you can watch subtitled movies, it’s definitely worth it to do so with this one. (By which I mean, watch the subbed Swedish movie, not the American remake of it.)

I will say, however, that the movie is nowhere near as wonderful and haunting and chilling and utterly disturbing as the book.

What About You?

Can you watch horror movies without having nightmares? Are there any movies that you need to watch every Hallowe’en?

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 12:19 am October 26, 2013.
Category: Movies

  • Mona (Moxie-Dude)

    OMG! The Rocky Horror Picture Show was such an icon when I was a teenager (last year – okay maybe not). I must have seen it at least ten times and every single time we, the audience, would light our lighters at “do you have a light?”, throw toast at “how about a toast?” and yell out “how would you like ‘him’ as your gynaecologist?” the first time the creepy butler appeared. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a CLASSIC!!!