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Saturday Morning Coffee Reads: October 19, 2013

Even though it’s been a four day week due to Thanksgiving, it feels like Saturday’s taken a long time to get here. As I type this post up, I’m planning everything that I want to get done this weekend, and am starting to wonder if I’m going to even have time to get to everything. The market, cleaning the apartment, doing the laundry, doing my annual watching of Rocky Horror Picture Show, buying a Halloween costume… the list goes on and on. Before the weekend really starts, though, I wan to take a bit of time to share some of the awesome blogs I’ve read in the past week.

Here are some of my favourite reads this week:

Saturday Morning Coffee ReadsSeven Easy Ways to Make Your Blog Load Faster, Without Spending a Penny. Sure, it may be geared towards food bloggers, but it has a lot of good ideas.

If Popular Books Had Clickbait Titles. Oh College Humor, you DO make me laugh. I will admit that I’ve been guilty of using the title for Harry Potter on occasion.

Mental Floss Exclusive: Our Interview with Bill Watterson! I was utterly obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes when it was being written. Heck, I’m still obsessed with it, and will get anything new relating to it that I can. Which is why this interview with the creator is awesome.

Dear Martha Stewart, Here’s What You SHOULD Have Said About Bloggers. Of all the responses that we’ve seen this past week to Martha Stewart’s remarks about bloggers, this one is my favourite.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 9:12 am October 19, 2013.
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