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Saturday Morning Coffee Reads: September 28, 2013

There have been a lot of pretty awesome things happening around the web this past week. This morning I’ve collected a few of my personal favourites that you can peruse while you’re having your Saturday morning coffee.

10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People. Apparently we creative people, we’re a paradox. Here are 10 things about us that contradict themselves.

Saturday Morning Coffee ReadsBookshare now available through the CNIB Library!. Seriously, that’s pretty exciting. Know anyone with a vision impairment? Tell them to sign up soon – it’s a first-come first-served basis.

Tom Hiddleston reading Sonnet 18. Seriously, he could read me Shakespeare’s sonnets all day. Swoon. (via The Mary Sue)

Official! The colour guide to superheroes. Excuse me while I geek out over a 1984 colour chart made by DC Comics for their colourists with the pantone colours needed to be used for their superheroes. AWESOME.

Banned Books Week. Open Road Media put together an awesome website featuring 40 books that have been challenged, censored, banned or burned. That in and of itself is pretty awesome, but the design of the site is definitely swoon worthy too. Check out how beautiful it is. (Also, if you sign up before the end of today for their newsletter, you are entered to win electronic copies of those books.)

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 9:33 am September 28, 2013.
Category: Saturday Morning Coffee Reads