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Runaways: The Good Die Young

Writer: Brian K. Vaughn
Pencilers: Adrian Alphona
Created by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona
Collects: RUNAWAYS #13-18
Collection originally published: 2009
Publisher: Marvel
Source: Purchased

The Story

Runaways: The Good Die YoungFrom

The world as we know it is about to end, and the Runaways are the only hope to prevent it! Our fledgling teenage heroes have learned how their parents’ criminal organization began, and now they must decide how it should END. As the Runaways’ epic battle against their evil parents reaches its shocking conclusion, the team’s mole stands revealed, and blood must be shed. Which kids will still be standing when the smoke finally clears? This is the story that changes everything (seriously!). Collects Runaways #13-18

The Response

First: I love that Gert and Chase end up being all kissy kissy in this. OMG. This girl isn’t all big boobs, tiny waist, perfect figure, etc etc. How often do you see that in comics? I mean, really? She’s regular sized, short, not an hour glass figure at all. And yet she still manages to score a boy. Go her! Yes! More realistic for girls to know that not everyone needs to have the perfect figure in order to have a boy like them. Yay awesome woohoo!

Second: Captain America! I’m not really a huge fan of him but it’s awesome seeing a character from another series. That’s one thing that I really love about how the Marvel universe works – there are so many characters, teams and stories that exist perfectly well on their own… but the universe still lends itself so well to crossovers. So the little cameo was definitely a reason for me to cheer.

The storyline of this book concludes the original story arc of the series. It does give a satisfying ending with closure regarding the whole “team mole” bit and the whole “escaping the evil parents” bit. But at the same time, it not only leaves the story open to read much more but also gives the reader the desire to pick up the next book.

The Bottom Line

I’m still really loving Runaways. I’m definitely going to be looking for more of this series at FanExpo on Friday.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:19 am August 19, 2013.
Category: Speculative Fiction
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  • Cat

    I love that you are reading these! I went through them all in a bunch a few years ago when one of the students in my office told me about them and lent me the first couple. I then hit up my comicbook store and bought the rest of the series. Heh. I think we should be new for a new one now, but it’s been a while?

  • Cat

    Oh! PS – Joss Whedon wrote a couple of the stories in later omnibuses. Just checked my blog and I never wrote posts for them. But I read them in 2009!