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Runaways: Pride & Joy

Written by: Brian K. Vaughn
Illustrated by: Adrian Alphona
Created by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona
Collects: RUNAWAYS #1-6
Collection originally published: 2008
Publisher: Marvel
Source: Purchased

The Story

Runaways: Pride and JoyFrom the back of the book:

At some point in their lives, all young people believe their parents are evil . . . but what if they really are?

Meet Alex, Karolina, Gert, Chase, Molly and Nico – whose lives are about to take an unexpected turn. When these six young friends discover their parents are all secretly super-powered villains, the shocked tens find strength in one another. Together, they run away from home and staright into the adventure of their lives – vowing to turn the tables on their evil legacy.

The Response

So… Free Comic Book Day saw some awesome sales at the local comic book store. I’ve read a few volumes of Runaways but have always meant to read much more, so the huge sales were a great opportunity to grab the first few Runaways collections.

It was great to finally go to the beginning of the series and see the origin stories of these characters, to see how they became the Runaways as I know them from later volumes. Suddenly things seem to make so much more sense to me about the group, though there are a few different characters from what I know, so am quite curious about what happens to a few of them.

I love the illustrations in this. Really, it’s amazing how much of the story can be told just in the illustrations of comic books. Yes, the dialogue is important, but so much more can be gathered by how the characters appear and what you can see going on. And these illustrations really are beautiful. Love.

One thing I don’t quite follow, however, was how willing these kids’ parents were to kill their own children to save themselves. I just… even with super villains, I don’t know if I’ve come across other parents who were so willing to just eliminate their own children, unless they were completely mad with power… but in that case, would you have to have a child knowing that one day you may have to kill them, and so never get very close to them? Because that didn’t seem how the parents were in this case – at the beginning of the book, they actually really seemed to love and care for their own kids. Were they so drunk with power that everything else was expendable? What kind of people are like that? I just didn’t understand the motivations of The Pride. Bother.

The Bottom Line

Great start to the Runaways series. Love this series, and would highly recommend it. Looking forward to reading the next volume.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:09 am May 15, 2013.
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