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Return to Wonderland Volume 1

Authors and Illustrators: Raven Gregory, Daniel Leister, Nei Ruffino
Originally Published: 2009
Publisher: Zenescope
Source: Purchased at FanExpo 2012

The Story

From the back of the book:

Alice is no longer the little girl you once knew.

Years have passed since she took her trip down the rabbit hole. Now a grown woman with a family of her own, Alice has everything a person could want, except for her sanity…

Calie Liddle was once a normal high school student with a loving family and a great boyfriend. But in the shadows of her picture perfect life something was always watching and waiting. She never knew what it was, but somehow she always knew it was there, and it holds the answers to the questions that have defined her life.

As Alice’s mental health deteriorates, Calie will discover the truth behind her mother’s illness as she is pulled into the same realm Alice traveled many years before. Now Calie must survive in a world where terror runs rampant, a place where the adventures of Alice were only the beginning, as she discovers the shocking truth behind what Wonderland really is. Will Calie find the strength to escape or will she succumb to the insanity that has already taken so much from her mother?

Discover for yourself the madness with no method and an evil with no motive…
Discover for yourself the world that is Wonderland.

The Response

Oh! I wish I had read this one before reading Volume 1 of Tales from Wonderland! One of my biggest complaints about that one was that I couldn’t figure out which characters were the same and which were different, and how they all related to each other. In this one, I discovered how Calie is actually Alice’s daughter… it makes so much more sense now, and I may need to go back and reread it.

I feel like this story lacked a little bit in terms of imagination. When Calie ends up in Wonderland, the troubles she faces are for the most part exactly the same as the ones Alice faced (minus the exception of the Mad Hatter attempting to rape Calie – pretty sure that didn’t happen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). I really wish the writers had explored different aspects of Wonderland in this – there could’ve been so much more that was done, instead of seeing the cards paint the roses red yet again, and another croquet game with the Queen of Heats, or the “eat me”/”drink me” scene, and the two sides of the mushroom, etc etc. Been there, done that!

The parts outside of Wonderland, though, were definitely interesting enough to carry the story – to see the mental decline in Alice, now that madness has a grip on her, or on Calie’s younger brother (who has blocked the fact that he was the victim of child abuse)… even seeing Calie learn how to deal with both her mother’s and her brother’s declines into madness. It’s definitely an interesting story, because you don’t know what motivates most of the characters, and so their actions are completely unpredictable.

The illustrations were gorgeous. Dark, somewhat racy… and definitely gorgeous. The only downfall with the illustrations was that they were a little bit awkward at times, when there was a lot of action going on… but that only occurred for a few panels.

The Bottom Line

I enjoyed this, and will be reading more of this series in the future.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:21 am November 14, 2012.
Category: Speculative Fiction
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