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GIVEAWAY! Into the Looking Glass: Exploring the Worlds of FRINGE

So, FanExpo Canada 2012 happened. And it was rocking. (Aside from the part where I couldn’t go on Sunday and had to leave early on Saturday due to con flu.)

One of the most rocking things that happened was that I won a prize pack from ECW Press! EXCITING. So, I ended up walking away with Kevin J. Anderson’s Clockwork Angels (which may yet turn me into a Rush fan!), Graeme Burk & Robert Smith’s Who is the Doctor, Sarah Clarke Stuart’s Into the Looking Glass: Exploring the Worlds of Fringe, and Jo Storm’s Frak You!. So awesome, yay! Thanks ECW Press!

Since I have never actually seen a full episode of Fringe, I want to share Sarah Clarke Stuart’s Into the Looking Glass: Exploring the Worlds of Fringe with one of my readers, so I’m hosting a giveaway for it. The book takes a look at Fringe, with an analysis and discussion of the series. From the back of the book:

When J.J. Abrams’ Fringe premiered in 2008, it debuted in the midst of fhis other mysterious show about time traveling, parallel worlds, and enigmas: ost. Fans and critics immediately began comparing the shows, but over its first three seasons, Fringe has come into its own. Winning critical raves and the Saturn Award for best network series (beating out Lost), it has developed a strong and rabid cult following, and for good reason. It weaves together the heady concepts of science fiction and the compelling themes of human folly, forgiveness and love. Fringe is a story about hope in the face of apocalyptic destruction and love strong enough to rip a hole in the universe.

Into the Looking Glass is the first detailed look at this epic series, analyzing the plots, themes and developments in a clear and concise fashion. Written for both the casual and diehard viewer, this book discusses the real-world implications of the show. Sarah Clarke Stuart explains how we can see our own universe reflected in the looking glass of Fringe. She places the show within an historical context of literary and scientific precedents to examine the complex story of Walter, Olivia, Peter, and their doubles, revealing that the world(s) they live aren’t so different from our own.

The contest will run from September 17th until the 24th, at which time I will announce a lucky winner.

Entering the contest is super easy – all you need to do is fill out the lucky widget directly below this sentence, and voila!

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:36 am September 17, 2012.
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  • Susan

    Oh how lucky – Fringe, and Battlestar Galactica books!! Awesome….I entered your giveaway for the Fringe book :-) One of my favourite shows, I’m counting down to next week and our last season of 13 episodes, *sob*. Please tell us more about the Dr Who book, because I live in a house with a child who is a rabid Dr Who fan. She just watched all of S2 over the weekend, again. What a bag of goodies you got! thanks for sharing, too :-)