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I saw Potted Potter this weekend

On Saturday, the BF took me to see Toronto’s opening performance of Potted Potter… and let me start by saying that any fan of the Harry Potter books simply must find a way to go and see this show. I don’t know the last time I have laughed this hard – in fact, there was a long point in the show where I was laughing so hard that I had tears streaming down my face.

Created by Daniel Clarkson and Jeff Turner (who are also the two actors in the show), Potted Potter is a comedic 70-minute summarization of all seven books in the Harry Potter series. According to the playbill, potting something is “simply the art of summarizing something into a digestible form, and is intoxicating only in a funny, family-friendly way.” And these two guys certainly do it in an extremely funny sort of way.

As the performance I saw was the first performance in North America, there were some areas that didn’t translate well for the audience – a couple of jokes that most people didn’t “get” due to their British nature (including myself who is a Brit wanna be) – but I have no doubt that their performances will get tweaked better for those of us in North America.

It was utterly hilarious – from one of the performers shooting the audience with a super soaker (during a game of Quidditch, no less!), to one of the characters always mistaking Narnia and Lord of the Rings for Harry Potter, to the fact that the two guys on stage couldn’t even keep themselves from constantly cracking up. The fact that they were laughing at a bunch of the hijinks the other one was doing while it was happening just seemed to make it even funnier.

One of the best things about the performance was, in my opinion, how passionate the two creators/performers seemed to be for Harry Potter. You can always tell when someone loves something they are making kind fun of – you know they immersed themselves in all the source material to know exactly what to bring into their performance.

Harry Potter fans simply must see this, though it will be enjoyable for those who don’t know much about the Harry Potter books – the bf has seen all the movies once or twice, and has never read the books, but was laughing along with the rest of the audience.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:41 am February 14, 2012.
Category: Plays

  • Ruth

    Sounds hilarious!

  • sassymonkey

    OMG I am so jealous. The last couple of times we’ve been in TO I’ve seen the ads for it and I WANNA GO. *pout*

  • Memory

    This sounds like so much fun! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they carry on across Canada.

  • Cat @ Beyond Books


    I need to see this. I hope it comes to Montreal, though I doubt it would – oooo! Maybe for Just for Laughs???

  • Not John

    WOW your BF sounds awesome! If you ever break up with him, please give me his digits!

    Also the production was funny and I actually did cry with laughter a few times (fudge in the mouth specifically and also a hilarious little chase around the wardrobe – no more spoilers; it’s worth seeing first hand). Also apparently I’m a newb for only watching the movies once or twice each (wtf?).


    Not John