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Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star

Author: Heather Lynn Rigaud
Originally Published: 2011
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Source: Provided by publisher

The Story

From the back of the book:

Darcy’s as hot as he is talented…
Fast music, powerful beats, and wild reputations – on and off stage – have made virtuoso guitarist Fitzwilliam Darcy’s band into rock’s newest bad boys. But they’ve lost their latest opening act, and their red-hot summer tour is on the fast track to disaster. Now Darcy and bandmates Charles Bingley and Richard Fitzwilliam are about to meet their match…

But she’s about to rock his world…
Enter Elizabeth Bennet, fiercely independent star of girl-band Long Borne Suffering. Elizabeth, her sister Jane, and friend Charlotte Lucas have talen to spare and jump at the opening band slot. Elizabeth is sure she’s seen the worst the music industry has to offer. But as the days and nights heat up, it becomes clear that everyone is in for a summer to remember.

The Response

Okay. Okay okay okay. So you know when you’re looking for some fanfiction, and you stumble across some really bad stuff and then you find something that seems good in comparison to the really bad stuff, and it’s an AU fic, which you’re okay with because you really love these characters and would really love to see them in a totally different environment from where you fell in love with them originally? And you know when, as you start to read it, you realize that there really should have been more editing for the fic, but it’s still so much better than a lot of other fanfic that you’ve read and you still think the concept is really cool? And you know when you suddenly realize that every single female character in the fic is in actually a Mary Sue and you really don’t think Charlotte Lucas would really ever act like that, and you start wondering whether you should continue reading this? And you know when you finally realize that with everything that you dislike about this book, you simply CANNOT PUT IT DOWN because it’s gotten to the point where it’s actually so cheesy that it’s become actually rather really extremely wonderful and enjoyable to read?

Yeah. Welcome to Fitzwilliam Darcy, Rock Star.

Cheesy, oh so cheesy. But somewhere along the line it became so cheesy that it was good. I wouldn’t have read this if it wasn’t P&P related. Mind you, if I had read it and it wasn’t P&P related, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. So there’s a bit of a catch 22 for you.

There were some items about the characters in this book (aside from the Mary Sue related characteristics they have) that bothered me – Charlotte Lucas in particular. I was happy, though, that certain things about the P&P story were changed. I had never enjoyed the fact that she ended up stuck with Mr. Collins, so the fact that she actually really fell in love with the person she ended up with in this book was a lot less frustrating to read. That was the biggest change from P&P in this book, however. The rest of the events remained mostly intact – oh wait, except for the whole Mr Wickham ending up with Lydia, thank goodness. Oh gods, his whole dark secret regarding Georgiana seemed a bit more disturbing in this one than it was in P&P. Ick.

Actually, this book reminds me a little bit of Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (aside from the P&P adaptation) in the random and insane hijinks that happen. Remember that whole Bridget being falsely accused of smuggling drugs from one country into the other? Oh yes. I do thoroughly love Bridget Jones and so that similarity gave me a bit of a soft spot for this book.

All in all, this ended up being a lot more enjoyable than I had expected from the first few pages. If you do pick it up, make sure you give it a good chance, even though it is rather cheesy. Remember, cheesy can be fun!

The Bottom Line

I wouldn’t have read this if it hadn’t been provided by the publisher. It’s not my favourite Austen adaptation, but it was fun enough. Would recommend to people who are huge chicklit fans.

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:17 am September 2, 2011.
Category: Chick Lit
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  • sassymonkey

    Long Borne Suffering? *groan*

  • Kailana

    ha ha ha! Seriously?!?

  • heidenkind

    You are not giving me high hopes for this book…

  • Chrisbookarama

    Thank goodness I found someone else who isn’t raving about this book. I thought it was just all right. And yeah, Wickham= gross.

  • Anna

    I was really looking forward to reading this one, but now I’m not so sure. Still, maybe if it’s cheesy enough to become enjoyable, I’ll get a few laughs out of it. I’ll find out soon enough.