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Listed: Essential Pierre Berton

I have been away celebrating Canada Day at a friend’s cottage, and so haven’t had time to work on this this week. Thankfully, the lovely Shannon has been so kind as to put together her top ten essential Pierre Berton books. This is extremely timely, as he’s such a wonderful chronicler of Canadian history, and yay it’s Canada Day, a time to be celebrating all things Canadian and stuff. Yay!

So, thanks Shannon for putting together this wonderful list of essential Pierre Berton books! If ANYONE knows what the essential Berton books are, it’s Shannon.

  1. Klondike. This book is really hard to pin down cause there’s so many different editions with the same text but different pictures and names but it was probably published in the late 50’s. LT.
  2. Vimy. Originally Published 1986. LT.
  3. The Secret World of Og. Originally Published 1961. LT.
  4. The National Dream & The Last Spike. Originally Published 1970, 1971. LT, LT.
  5. Drifting Home. Originally Published 1973. LT.
  6. The Dionne Years: A Thirties Melodrama. Originally Published 1977. LT.
  7. The Wild Frontier. Originally Published 1978. LT.
  8. The Invasion of Canada & Flames Across the Border. Originally Published 1980, 1981. LT, LT.
  9. The Great Depression. Originally Published 1990. LT.
  10. The Comfortable Pew. Originally Published 1965. LT.

Yeah, I’ve only read one of those, so I will definitely need to read many more of these books. Thanks again Shannon!

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:00 am July 4, 2011.
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