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Billy Elliot

On Friday, I turned 30.

I’ve been told that everyone has a few really bad birthdays that bother them. And you know what? Much to everyone’s disbelief, 30 wasn’t one of them for me. (27 on the other hand, well, that’s another story…)

For my birthday, my wonderful boyfriend bought me tickets to see Billy Elliot – I’ve been wanting to see this since the 2009 Tony Awards, and was excited beyond belief.

So, on Friday night, we headed out to the lovely Canon Theatre. Our tickets were utterly amazing – orchestra, ten rows back from the stage – and I was prepared for awesomeness. Utter awesomeness.

And I most certainly got it.

The musical revolves around a young boy during the UK miners’ strike in in the 1980’s – instead of taking up boxing, as was expected of him, young Billy takes up dance. This is as much a story of Billy’s desire to dance, and of having his family come to understand and accept his desire to dance, as it is the story of the miners’ strike.

With music written by Sir Elton John, and book and lyrics written by Lee Hall, I fully expected the songs to be brilliant – and they really were. Funny and heartwarming and beautiful…

But the cast just completely blew me away. We saw Marcus Pei as Billy, and he was phenomenal! I can’t believe that someone who is only 13 years old can dance and sing that well! Goodness! It’s just amazing. The other kids were utterly amazing too – especially Jack Broderick as Michael, in the Expressing Yourself number.

Would definitely highly recommend this play to everyone. HIGHLY recommend. It was utterly brilliant.

On a side note, the bf, who has never seen a musical before enjoyed it too. Win? I think so.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:20 pm May 15, 2011.
Category: Plays

  • Kailana

    Sounds like a great birthday present!

  • Lisa

    Sounds like you had an awesome 30th birthday!!

  • Meliisa

    Funny you said the thing about your 27th b-day, mine is this week. This does sound like an amazing b-day though! I’ve been wanting to see Billy Elliot for years. I love musicals and that one just looks fantastic. How wonderful that your bf liked it too!

  • Alan

    30? So young. Shame you’re in danger of becoming a Billyholic. You realize that you still haven’t seen Myles and J.P. as Billy, and Dillon as Michael and the new kid Ty is going to start soon and there’s all the combinations and soon you’ll be broke and craving your next fix. Then you’ll search for the local chapter of Billyholics Anonymous and be shocked to find there isn’t one. I’ve seen the Toronto production 19 times so far
    and there’s no hope for me.