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Listed: Graphic Novels, Comics and Manga series based on television shows or movies

A lot of movies are made that are adaptations of books, comics, graphic novels, etc… and occasionally the opposite happens where books are made after the movie or television show has been released. I used to find that books and such developed after the movie had been written weren’t nearly as enjoyable, and even now I find it hard to read books based on television without feeling I could find better if I looked for fanfiction online. I’ve often felt that these movies and television shows translate better to a more graphic medium – like graphic novels, comics and manga. This week, I wanted to share some of them.

  1. Torchwood: The Official Comic based on the Torchwood television series. LT (first issue).
  2. Serenity comics based on the Firefly television series and the Serenity movie. Includes Serenity: Those Left Behind, Serenity: Better Days, Float Out and The Shepherd’s Tale.
  3. Buffy Season 8 and Fray comics based on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series. LT for Buffy: Season 8 and LT for Fray.
  4. Return to Labyrinth manga based on the Labyrinth movie. LT.
  5. The Matrix Comics based on The Matrix movie. LT.
  6. Army of Darkness comics based on the Evil Dead trilogy. LT.
  7. Farscape comics based on the Farscape television show. LT.
  8. The Guild comic based on the Guild web series. LT.
  9. Doctor Who comics and graphic novels based on the Doctor Who television show. Includes Doctor Who Magazine Graphic Novels and the IDW Doctor Who Collections.
  10. Clerks: The Comic Books based on the Clerks movie. LT.

Okay, so yeah, there’s no mention of the Doctor Horrible or Angel comics… but really, I already had two others that were related to Joss Whedon. I couldn’t let him take up the whole list when there were others out there too. ;)

Do you read comics/graphic novels/manga that are based on television shows or movies that you’ve watched? Which ones do you like?

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 10:11 am March 7, 2011.
Category: Listed

  • Kailana

    I was just going to say you forgot Dr. Horrible and then I scrolled down. :)

    There are also Dark Crystal comics. And, The Muppets, of course. I also just read the Supernatural comics, which were prequels to the show, and True Blood has some that are sitting here waiting for me. I wasn’t crazy about the books, though, and only slightly like the show. Hard to say what I will think of the comics.