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Why I Hate Canadians

Author: Will Ferguson
Originally Published: 1997
Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre, Ltd
Source: Borrowed from Shannon

The Story

After a five-year sojourn in Japan, Canadian humour author Will Ferguson moves back to Canada. And once back here, he suffers a huge amount of culture shock – especially regarding to Canadian’s images of ourselves. Why I Hate Canadians explores Fegurson’s musings, revelations, and the like from when he returned to Canada.

The Response

What I love about Ferguson’s stuff is that while it is educational and informative, it is still absolutely hilarious. This one, however, seemed a lot more bitter than his other books. And while it seems like he is taking a dig at Canada and Canadians, being spiteful, and such, well… the way it’s written, it’s obvious that he would have had the same attitude towards any other nationality that he was writing about.

In this book, like the majority of the others, Ferguson takes a look at difference facets of Canadian life – everything from the mighty beaver, to the history between the French and English Canadians, to the Native Canadians, etc etc. Instead of focusing on touristy things to see, or how to be a Canadian, Ferguson this time focuses on how all of these aspects have formed who we are as a nation.

I think the chapter I enjoyed the most was the one on comic books. Now, Ferguson throws a little hissy fit about how Canadians call Superman Canadian even though he apparently isn’t (and he still can’t convince me that Superman isn’t Canadian – Heritage moments wouldn’t lie to me!), but mostly everything else he mentioned was stuff I didn’t know. I didn’t know, for example, that Captain Canuck has made three reappearances after he was initially created! He also spoke about the comic book industry in WWII – comics weren’t considered one of the necessities that needed to be imported over the border from the USA, and so the Canadian presses decided to take up printing comic books for a few years until the war was over and comic books could again be imported into Canada. Then the Canadian comic book industry pretty much disappeared until recently.

The Bottom Line

Again, as I normally do with all of Ferguson’s stuff, I did love this book. Thoroughly enjoyable, and recommended to those who would like to know why Canadians are the way they are.

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:02 am February 10, 2011.
Category: Humour
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  • Shannon

    Not as funny as the other books of his that I’ve read… thought you might like it though. I’m glad you did!

  • Kailana

    I have read other books by him, but not this one yet. I do own it, though.