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Author: Brothers Grimm
Story Originally Published: 1812
Found in Collection: Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The Story

Okay. So. Story! Mom & Dad live next door to an evil enchantress with a kick-arse garden. And apparently, rapunzel is actually a plant, and the evil enchantress grows it. Of course, Mom almost dies from her cravings for rapunzel and sends her husband to steal her some.

And so, after a couple of times of stealing from the enchantress, the husband gets caught, and the enchantress says that he needs to give her his first born child as repayment for stealing.

Of course, after the enchantress has taken “custody” of the girl (and coincidentally enough, has named her “Rapunzel”), she keeps her captive in a tower with no doors. And whenever the enchantress wants to see her, she calls to Rapunzel to let down her hair.

So then! There’s this prince who comes on the scene, and falls in love with Rapunzel, and visits her up in the castle by climbing up her hair, yadda yadda.

And one day! The enchantress discovers that the prince has been hanging out with her prisoner, and banishes the pregnant princess to the desert. So, when the prince attempts to visit the princess next, he is ambushed by the enchantress, gets into a fight with her, gets his eyes gouged out by a bunch of thorns that he falls in, and flees out of the tower. About a year or so later, he stumbles upon the princess and their (now born) twins, and her tears when she falls upon his neck in utter joy that he’s still alive, give him back his sight.

And yay, they all live happily ever after!

Except the enchantress is still on the lose, ensnaring other girls and keeping them captive, no doubt.

The Response

Ha! I like this version much better than the version I remember. I don’t, for instance, remember the prince getting his eyes gouged out by. Or the premarital sex, implied or otherwise. This is so much more fun this way!

I kind of wish that the evil enchantress got her come-uppance, because for all we know, she could be posing as a nurse in the prince’s castle, waiting to steal the chicks and the prince’s twins after they move back to the castle just to get revenge on them. She was wandering around free to capture other random chicks to keep kidnapped and yeah.

And I have to say that even though the ending is pretty much “and they lived happily ever after,” I much prefer the way it is actually phrased in this one: “and they lived for a long time afterwards, happy and contented.” It sounds like there are a lot more possibilities after the story ends, and it’s not so final. Because while “they lived for a long time afterwards” could mean for the rest of their lives, “a long time afterwards” sounds like it could also mean that after so many years things weren’t so perfect and happy and wonderful, that there could be something rocky happening in their future (like the evil enchantress kidnapping their kids, or something like that).

Um yeah. I really don’t have much else to say other than this was a lot of fun and pretty awesome but didn’t quite fully resolve and I wish it had, but yay awesomenss. Now, I’ve had a long week and it’s actually Thursday night when I’m writing this and I’m exhausted so yes, I’m ending this now even though it’s shorter than I had wanted it to be..

The Bottom Line

A short read, really quick, and really awesome! Much better than the one I’m used to. Yay!

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:05 am September 10, 2010.
Category: Short Stories
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