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Torchwood The Official Comic Vol. 1

Originally Published: July 2010
Publisher: Titan Comics, a division of Titan Publishing Group LTD

The Story

Okay, so this is more like two stories. Or like one and a fifth.

The first story in this book is The Selkie, written by John Barrowman & Carole E Barrowman, art by Tommy Lee Edward with Trevor Goring, and lettering by John Workman.

The Selkie is a stand-alone story of our lovely Captain Jack in Scotland, and works itself around the Selkie myth. It’s about a bunch of men who have been found dead and completely skinned; Captain Jack gets a call for help from the local authorities, only to discover that what is hunting down these men is something that he brought to earth in the first place many, MANY years ago.

The second story in this book is part one of five in the Broken story, written by Gary Russell, art by Adrian Salmon and lettering by John Workman. This one takes place before the Children of Earth season of Torchwood – which means that Ianto is in it!! Huzzah! (But sadly, Owen and Tosh are not around.)

Anyway! Over 100 years ago the rift let through this crazy pink light that caused a hotel in Cardiff to go weird. As a result, it shut down. But! Exactly 140 years to the day that it shut down, it re-opened. And on the first night it has been re-opened, guests magically disappear – in fact, whole rooms magically disappear. Somehow, the rift is using the original caretaker of the hotel to get something in our world that the rift wants – but no one knows what it is. And, as Torchwood Three is investigating, Gwen, Jack and Ianto all get sucked into the rift…

The Response

If this is the only way I can get my Ianto/Jack fix, then so be it. I will keep buying Torchwood comics as long as they continuously have our beloved Ianto in them. *snuggles snuggles snuggles*

Have I mentioned how broken hearted I was at the end of Children of Earth??? Because I was. It killed me a little bit on the inside.

So yes, two different stories in one comic!! The first story, bless John Barrowman’s heart, wasn’t that great… the illustrations were beautiful, but it didn’t flow very well. Too narrated, actually – the panels and the illustrations in the comic should tell the story, you shouldn’t need to read everything that is happening all the time. Actually… it read like an old film noir movie. So that distracted a little bit from the enjoyment. It doesn’t seem to suit the Jack that we know… which, I suppose, looking at it that way could be a good thing – this was supposed to give fans a glimpse at the Jack that they don’t know from Doctor Who or Torchwood.

The best thing about the first story, though, was by far the illustrations – positively gorgeous!!

As far as the second goes… well, it looks like this is going to be a GOOD story. Again, I love the illustrations (this time, they reminded me a little bit of Dexter’s Laboratory and Powerpuff Girls, the way that it was such solid colours throughout), and it feels like something that could actually work as a real episode. Doesn’t feel fanfic-ish at all (whereas, oddly enough, the one John Barrowman wrote did). Or maybe I was just ecstatic that OMG IANTO HASN’T DIED YET. (Oh, squee!)


Okay, now I want to go and watch some Torchwood. I apparently know what I’m doing this weekend.

The Bottom Line

Will definitely continue reading this. Recommended to Torchwood fanatics. If you’re not obsessed with the show, you may not enjoy it – it is quite cheesy, but that’s part of the charm, in all honesty. Also? Yay, Ianto!

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:18 am August 27, 2010.
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