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Only the Good Spy Young

Author: Ally Carter
Originally Published: 2010
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Source: Purchased

The Story

The fourth book in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girl’s series starts out over Christmas holiday. Cammie is “staying with” (read: being protected and guarded by) her best friend Bex’s family. After a surprise encounter with someone she had the utmost trust in, she discovers that this person is actually a double agent.

Now, Cammie and her friends are trying to prove this person’s innocence, while Cammie is being guarded more and more closely than ever.

The Response

Okay, bother all. First, I was all “OMG! Is that character really a double agent?!” and I spent the whole book not knowing whether to believe it or not. Kind of like Snape. And now I’m all “OMG! I want the next book NOOOOWWWW.” Now now now.

Hate having to wait until the next one is out.

I love this series. Absolutely love it, and this installment was no exception. Yes, it had its downsides. Yes, I wish the school had as much personality as in the other novels, and yes, I wish the other girls had a larger role. But! Cammie is totally awesome! And you know who else is awesome? Cammie’s mom! I love my mom and wouldn’t want to not have her be my mother, but DUDE I wish Cammie’s mom was my mom! It’s like every book has another character that shows exactly how cool and awesome they are.

This book felt darker than the others. Still happy, lovely, in an almost candy-floss way, but yes, it was darker. When I read books, I associate colours with them in my mind. This one was a dark navy colour whereas all the others are a lighter shade of blue. It had danger that felt more real than the others… probably because of the fact that Cammie discovered that a certain character is a double agent.

And then ending? Where people didn’t really believe that what was written was what really happened? I’m not sure I get what exactly it was that no one believed… It all seemed so straightforward and believable, so I’m wondering if maybe I missed something important?

The Bottom Line

Omg. Love love love. Love love love! I adore this series. I really do. So much more than Heist. I wouldn’t say that this one is less enjoyable than others in the series, just different. And I cannot wait until the next one comes out and I get to see what Cammie is up to next.

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:24 am July 21, 2010.
Category: Young Adult
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