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Listed: New Brunswick

Next province on our cross-country Listed Tour: New Brunswick. New Brunswick was one of the provinces I had a hard time finding a lot of novels that take place in… and so while most of these are novels, I’ve made a comment beside those that aren’t.

  1. The St. Andrew’s Werewolf by Eric Wilson. Originally Published 1993. LT.
  2. Mercy Among the Children by David Adams Richards. Originally Published 2000. LT.
  3. The Hatbox Letters by Beth Powning. Originally Published 2004. LT.
  4. A Pint of Murder by Alisa Craig. Originally Published 1980. LT.
  5. La Sagouine by Antonine Maillet. Originally Published 1971. LT. (Okay, so actually this one is a play.)
  6. The Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor by Sally Armstrong. Originally Published 2007. LT. (Biography, not fiction.)
  7. Apart by R.P. MacIntyre. Originally Published 2007. LT.
  8. Three Million Acres of Flame by Valerie Sherrard. Originally Published 2007. LT.
  9. Summer Point by Linda McNutt. Originally Published 1998. LT.
  10. Edge Seasons by Beth Powning. Originally Published 2005. LT. (Memoir, not fiction.)

I am sure there are a lot that I’ve missed. Do you know of any?

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:36 am July 19, 2010.
Category: Listed

  • rachel

    this was a good list! well done.

    I really like the Hatbox Letters and David Adams Richards is an amazing author.

    Valerie Sherrard, on the other hand, might be Canada’s absolute worst YA novelist.