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Listed: Canadian Short Stories

This week, I wanted to focus on some collections of short stories by Canadian authors – we’ve got such a hugh selection of awesome authors here, and I for one know that I don’t read nearly enough things by Canadians. The collections I’ve selected showcase a whole bunch of different things – from Canadian scifi and fantasy to Native Canadian and French Canadian folklore, from Canadian humour to ghost stories, from contemporary stories to ones written over a century ago. They all show important aspects of the Canadian culture, and are definitely worth checking out.

  1. The Penguin Anthology of Canadian Humour. Edited by Will Ferguson. Featuring stories by Roch Carrier, Douglas Coupland, Robertson Davies, W. P. Kinsella, Stephen Leacock, Stuart McLean, Mordecai Richler and more. Originally Published 2006. LT
  2. When We Were Young. Edited by Stuart McLean. Featuring stories by L.M. Montgomery, Robertson Davies, W.O. Mitchell, Timothy Findley, Margaret Atwood, and more. Originally Published 1996. LT
  3. Stories from the Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean. Originally Published 1996. LT
  4. High Spirits: A Collection of Ghost Stories by Robertson Davies. Originally Published 1982. LT
  5. Dreams Underfood: The Newford Collection by Charles de Lint. Originally Published 1993. LT
  6. Along the Shore: Tales by the Sea. Edited by Rea Wilmshurst. Featuring stories by L.M. Montgomery. Originally Published 1989. LT
  7. The Golden Phoenix: Eight French-Canadian Fairy Tales. Collected by Marius Barbeau. Originally Published 1958. LT
  8. Penguin Book of Canadian Short Stories. Edited by Jane Urquhart. Featuring stories by Mavis Gallant, Carol Shields, Alistair MacLeod, Margaret Atwood, Dennis Bock, Joseph Boyden, Madeleine Thien and more. Originally Published 2007. LT
  9. Northern Stars: The Canadian Anthology of Science Fiction. Edited by David G. Hartwell. Featuring stories by William Gibson, Charles de Lint, Spider Robinson, A.E. van Vogt, Phyllis Gotlieb and more. Originally Published 1994. LT
  10. An Anthology of Canadian Native Literature in English. Edited by Daniel David Moses. Featuring stories by Joseph Brant, John Brant-Sero, George Copway, Pauline Johnson and more. LT

What’s your favourite Canadian short story collection??

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 6:57 am June 14, 2010.
Category: Listed

  • raidergirl3

    Great list! I’ll keep my eye out for that anthology of humour.
    I’ve actaully read a few of these – High Spirits, Along the Shore, a Vinyl Cafe (maybe not that one, but a comparable one.)

    The only one missing that I would have included is Alistair MacLeod’s Lost Salt Gift of Blood, Maritime short stories.

  • Memory

    I think it’s tough to go wrong with Stuart McLean. I almost always enjoy his stories, especially on audio.

    I haven’t read much of his stuff yet, but I really enjoyed DREAMS UNDERFOOT by Charles de Lint. I’m looking forward to reading more of his work in the future.