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Lost in Austen: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure

Author:Emma Campbell Webster
Originally Published: 2007
Publisher: Riverhead Trade
Source: Bookmooch

The Story

Imagine, if you will, that you are Miss Elizabeth Bennett, second oldest of five daughters in regency England. You don’t have a lot of money, but are a smart girl. So you must do what any girl in your position would do – try to find a man to marry both for love and for money.

In Emma Campbell Webster’s Lost in Austen, you get to test out your luck and your smarts to see whether you can score the man who will provide you with both love and a secure future, or whether you will end up alone or unloved for your (perhaps very short) life.

The Review

I got to have a fling with Henry Crawford! And then Fanny Price kidnapped me and killed me! And then I went back and started again, only to slip on ice and die that way! And another time, gypsies killed me!

Best thing about Choose Your Own Adventure books is that it can end differently every single time.

Here’s the thing about the book though. If a person knows P&P, then it’s way too easy to follow the story exactly, and seriously, what’s the point in that? If you wanted to do that, you should just pick up a copy of Pride and Prejudice. When you start purposely picking the wrong choices, then things start to get fun. And if you don’t die at least once, then you would miss out on the author’s snarky comments about your death.

Comparing it to P&P though, and having the book optionally follow P&P so closely, isn’t a good thing because although the author’s comments are snarky, her writing isn’t nearly as eloquent as Austen’s. It might have worked out a lot better if the book had been about a random girl who meets all of these Austen characters

The Bottom Line

Kind of wish this book hadn’t been about Elizabeth Bennett. It’s too easy to try to make the book end in the same way as P&P otherwise. But it was still a lot of fun, and yay I’m happy I finally read this book! I would definitely read it again.

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 9:54 am May 28, 2010.
Category: Chick Lit
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  • emme

    I’ve had this one for awhile but haven’t gotten around to it yet. It definitely looks like a fun read! I love the Choose Your Own Adventure books.

  • heidenkind

    Can you make Elizabeth have a torrid affair with Wickham in this one? ;)

  • Kailana

    This sounds like fun!