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RENTLast night, I totally went to see Rent with Rachel in Toronto.

Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp were reprising their roles as Roger and Mark.

And have I mentioned how much I (a) love RENT and (b) adore both Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal? Because I really really really do. And yet I’ve never seen it live before. (I’ve seen the film of the last Broadway performance but that totally doesn’t count.) And as much as I love RENT, it totally wouldn’t be the same seeing it without Anthony Rapp or Adam Pascal in it, because it was their voices that I feel in love with in the roles of Mark and Roger. (Tangent: Rent is also kind of what made Rachel and I friends in university!)

So yay, when Rachel and I were at Word on the Street last year, and realized that they were going to be in the Broadway tour that would be going to Toronto, well! It was quite possibly one of the most exciting moments of my life.

And I’m still both totally fangirling over and totally speechless about last night’s show, so this is going to be not much more than gushing. Because that’s what I like to do best. And these are going to be my random thoughts about it:

• First of all: OMG RENT!
• Anthony Rapp was brilliant! Adam Pascal was brilliant! (I don’t care what Kat says, he was brilliant!)
• The whole freaking cast was phenomenal – not one weak performer in the group.
• The audience was insane – a lot of teens who were actually cheering out loud. On one hand, yay teens are enjoying theatre! On the other hand, it’s so strange to hear for cheering in the middle of a show.
• I liked the girl-who-was-playing-Mimi’s voice so much more than the one on the original cast recording
• I didn’t cry once! I expected to cry! I think I was just way too in awe of everything!
• Last night totally reminded me of all these songs on the soundtrack that I love love love!
• Also has reminded me of why I didn’t like certain things about the movie – the removal of some of the smaller songs, changing of some of the singing into talking, etc.
• AndOMGItotallysawAnthonyRappandAdamPascalinRENT! Insert little fangirlish squeal!

I feel like my life is now complete!

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 9:44 pm January 21, 2010.
Category: Plays

  • bitwhizzle

    Did you go to the stage door afterwards and get their autographs? I went, but to hang out with my friend who’s an usher there. He was playing the role of Anthony Rapp’s bodyguard that night. So, AR came out, and all the girls in the alley squealed, and I coughed, and my friend and I went down the line with AR while he signed autographs, and my friend and I talked. And then I ran away so he could do his job. And AP came out and signed and took photos and it was all very bizarre. :P

  • raidergirl3

    wow. just wow.
    This is me turning green with envy.

  • veronicas

    I saw this too! I was so excited when it came to San Diego. So good. So, so good.

  • Penny

    Tony and Adam are my very favorites. You are so lucky.

    Oh and by the way, I had a dream about you. I meant to email it to you but it’s been a couple weeks and you know how dreams are when you let them go for too long. I just remembered waking up and saying, “Hey that was Courtney!”

  • Kailana

    One word: JEALOUS! lol