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The Hogfather

Author: Terry Pratchett
Originally Published: 1996
Publisher: Transworld Publishers, a division of Random House
Source: purchased at World’s Biggest Bookstore

The Story

It’s Hogswatchnight Eve, and the Auditors have decided to hire the Assassin’s Guild to kill off the Hogfather, as the Hogfather does not fit into their (the Auditor’s) view of the universe.

Mr. Teatime is sent off to dispatch the Hogfather, and when Death realizes what is going on decides to become the Hogfather for Hogswatchnight, in order to keep people believing in the Hogfather.

When Death’s granddaughter, Susan, discovers her grandfather is posing as the Hogfather, she goes off to investigate what Mr. Teatime has done to the real Hogfather.

The Review

How on earth is this the first book I’ve ever read by Terry Pratchett? I mean, I knew people loved the Discworld books, but but but! I never ever picked one up – why?!

I had seen the TV Adaptation a few years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed that, but had a hard time finding a copy of the book to buy in bookstores until a couple of months ago. And put off reading it until this month because Christmas-y books are never quite as enjoyable as they are at Christmas time.

And enjoyable it was. In fact, this was awesomely brilliant. It had engaging characters, an exciting plot, and was totally random in the best sort of way.

I love fantasy novels that are set in worlds with different cultural beliefs than ours. Usually you can see where the author draws inspiration from mythology, but I’ve never read one that was so similar in some aspects to ours. While it was good to see a different spin on Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, it was very cool to see that Pratchett’s Hogfather was originally needed to be sacrificed in order to make the sun rise the next morning.

I’m definitely interested in finding out more about all of the characters that were just given a very brief glimpses of in this book. Perhaps this wasn’t the best of books to start with, as it’s hard to get totally immersed into a universe when so many new things are being introduced all the time, but it’s definitely made me want to read more just so I can understand the Auditors, the Wizards, etc. better.

The Bottom Line

omg. I am definitely keeping this one and will definitely be rereading it next Christmas. In the meantime, I need to read more of Pratchett’s books, but I don’t know where to go next. Please, someone, tell me which of the Discworld books I should read next!

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:52 pm December 25, 2009.
Category: Speculative Fiction
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  • Nymeth

    yay, so glad you loved it :D As to where to go next, maybe you could read the first book in the Death sub-series, Mort?

  • Kailana

    I really need to read this! I have owned it for a while!

  • Chrissy

    Will have to read this next year :D

    PS: I’ve not read Pratchett either, but I heard he considers “Nation” his best work, and from what I hear from fans, they agree. So you might want to pick that up next.

  • Court

    Nymeth – oooh, thanks for the suggestion. I totally did love Death, so maybe sticking with his character would be good. :)

    Kelly – haha, that totally sounds familiar! I hope you enjoy it! :)

    Chrissy – Hmm. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for Nation then!

  • kiirstin

    Mort’s so much fun. I second that vote!

    It took me a long time to pick up Pratchett too, but now that I’ve started I’m so very content. The nice thing about finding a prolific author after they’ve been writing for a while is that there’s lots of reading to do before one runs out of books.