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The Zombie Survival Guide

Author: Max Brooks
Originally Published: 2003
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
Source: Purchased at FanExpo

The Story

The Zombie Survival GuideZombies have attacked your home – do you know how to defend it? Do you know the best way to eliminate a zombie outbreak, or even what the different classes of outbreaks are? The Zombie Survival Guide is your number one resource for protecting yourself from the living dead.

The Review

I can officially state that I will be ready for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. I have my plan put into action, and know how to protect myself. If it were not for this book telling me what weapons I need, or how to defend my home, or how to live in a zombie infested world, well! I would need to be worried, but thanks to Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide, I can definitely prepare for the worst possible scenarios.

This book was written in such a way that it’s so hard to tell that zombies are not a real-live threat. You actually believe it, and want to start putting into practice the steps that Brooks mentions you should be doing to protect yourself. It reads like a regular non-fiction survival guide, which is awesome. And such detail, too! It’s amazing

While this was definitely an informative book, and I did thoroughly like it, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as Brooks’ World War Z. They do go hand-in-hand, though, and I think that someone who has read one should definitely read the other.

I don’t think I would have enjoyed this nearly as much if I hadn’t seen Max Brooks speak at FanExpo. It gives you a better appreciation for the humour of the book.

The Bottom Line

Will be keeping this book for reference for the future, you know, for when that zombie apocalypse occurs. Highly recommend it as an essential for all those who want to survive that horrendous event. Also, am definitely looking forward to reading Brooks’ graphic novel, The Zombie Survival Guide Recorded Attacks. I’ve flipped through it, and it looks pretty awesome.

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 1:18 pm December 20, 2009.
Category: Humour
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