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In Concert: Dala

Last night, I fell in love. Twice.

Sabrina and I went to see the lovely girls of Dala in concert at the Aeolian Hall, with Adam Crossley as the opening act.

Adam Crossley was… WELL. He came on stage, started playing that beautiful grand piano, started singing, and my heart melted a little bit. And then a little more. And then when he covered “I’ve Got You (Under my Skin)” it melted a whole heck of a lot more, and I was officially in love. (Excuse me, Michael BublĂ©, I do love you, but your version of that song has got nothing to Adam Crossley’s version. No offense. I still do love you though, honest!) But this version – first of all the grand piano. And then Adam’s voice. And then the bridge. And them I died a little bit. Oh, goodness.

And even though he said his voice was not doing too well due to having to pretend he was a bear the entire day before, it was still brilliant.

He finished off with “Beautiful World,” which I’ve found a video of at a different performance. A gorgeous song:

After Adam Crossley finished, Dala was up. Now, according to Sabrina I’ve committed the worst sin imaginable by only owning their most recent album (Everyone is Someone). I’ve never seen them in concert before. But after last night, I’m going to need to get all of their albums and they have officially been added to the list of “people I need to see in concert every single time they are touring near me.”

They were totally brilliant and blew me away completely. Positively gorgeous voices and both girls are such talented musicians – guitar, piano, ukulele, oh goodness! The songs that I knew that they played were SO much more enjoyable live than on the CD (as is usually the case for me), which is hard to imagine because I love all their songs on Everyone is Someone so much. And the other stuff they played was just as fabulous. Some of their new songs, oh! This one, “Lennon/McCartney”! Loved loved loved!

And because I am seriously obsessed with their song “Levi Blues,” here’s another video:

What I like so much about these lesser known musicians that I go see is that they are so great with the crowd in between songs. That interaction is definitely one of the most enjoyable parts of the shows in a lot of cases, and unfortunately some of the larger-named groups I’ve seen just don’t seem to have that same relationship with their audience. The two girls in Dala were up on stage joking and just looking to be having such a good time during the whole show. It was awesome.

So yes, definitely highly enjoyable. Fell in love with Adam Crossley. Fell more in love with Dala. And oh yay. Such fun!

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:51 pm December 5, 2009.
Category: Concerts

  • Cat

    Wow… THANK YOU for introducing me to Dala! My gosh, I love them! I wanted to comment when I first read this but I have been on youtube listening to them and watching videos. ha!

  • bookworm

    Great music, I really love the Adam Crossley song :)

  • Court

    Cat – Oh, I’m so happy you liked their music!! It’s so wonderful! :)

    Bookworm – isn’t it gorgeous?!