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The Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl

Author: Belle de Jour
Originally Published: 2005
Courtney’s Edition: 2007
Publisher: Phoenix, an imprint of Orion Books


The Intimate Adventures of a London Call GirlThe Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl is the memoir of a high class call girl, Belle de Jour. Her many years in the industry has given her an honest look at it, men and life in general. She does so in a witty and amusing way. She covers why she became a working girl, the pros and cons of working for an agency, and intersperses it with anecdotes from meetings with men (and women) both in her working life and her personal life.

If you’ve read the blog, then you’ve read parts of the memoir, but they don’t always correspond to the same dates, and she did expand one some of those blog posts.


It’s all Billie Piper’s fault that this book appeared on my radar. Totally her fault. (Which means that it might actually be the Doctor’s fault – because if it wasn’t for the Doctor, I wouldn’t have been re-introduced to Billie Piper, and so would never have watched Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Ha! Everything can be tied back to Doctor Who!)


I did enjoy this. It was a fresh look at the sex industry and escorts. It almost even made it seem glamorous at times (not that it’s something I would ever consider). Not as drug-centric as the media typically portrays it – though Belle does make sure to let people know that it is not the fairy tale that is portrayed in Pretty Woman.

There was (is?) some controversy as to whether the author is actually writing about her life, or whether she’s making it up. Orion Publisher – her UK publishers – maintain that these books are nonfiction/memoirs, however the third book that she’s published about her life as a call girl was categorized as fiction, and apparently starts up right where the second one finishes off. Who knows. All that really mattered to me was that it was entertaining.

In comparison to the TV show, I really cannot say which one I prefer more. They both have the same frank voice, and Billie Piper does an awesome job portraying the version of Belle that Belle de Jour brings forward in her memoirs.

Speaking of comparisons, I have to say this: I hate books written solely as diary entries, but if it’s written like a blog, then I’m all over it – as long as it’s written well, of course. Belle de Jour writes like a GOOD blogger. It’s very engaging and doesn’t sound contrived, which is how a lot of books written like blogs do sound. (Mind, since she wrote her blog before starting the book, that makes total sense.)

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering whether you’d like it, I recommend checking out her blog first. It has a very real voice, and is quite witty. It’s not as graphic as one might expect from a memoir about a call girl, and gives an honest look at life. Would definitely recommend it.

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Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:19 am September 8, 2009.
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  • Lisa

    I tried listening to the audiobook (walking to & from work) and couldn’t make it through the first 20 minutes. It was just a little too graphic for me. Yet I watch the show…so maybe I’ll have to try actually reading it.