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Don’t You Forget About Me: Thoughts on John Hughes

John HughesNormally I don’t do this, But! I was completely heartbroken when I heard that John Hughes had died. Heartbroken. I grew up on his films. When I think of the embodiment of teenage life, it’s always his movies that come to mind. (Even with all of the YA fiction I read, it’s John Hughes’ movies that come to mind. That’s got to be saying something.)

Here’s the thing about John Hughes. He GOT what being a teenager was like. Watching those movies you relive the pain, the awkwardness, the excitement and the insecurity of what teenage life was really like. It’s a snapshot of a real high school, with your divisions and cliques and politics. It’s REAL. The movie industry has lost so much due to John Hughes’ death.

Sixteen CandlesSo many of my favourite movies had been written or directed or produced (or all three) by John Hughes – Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off… I still regularly watch these movies, and can still quote along with half of them.

(So, dear radio host – if you are talking about how Sixteen Candles is one of your favourite movies, and how you still get goosebumps in the scene were Samantha exits the church to see Jake Ryan leaning against his car across the street, please at least get the guy’s name right and don’t call him “that cute guy in the movie whose name I can’t remember.” It’s a bit of an insult to those of us who really DO love that movie.)

Pretty in Pink

In honour of John Hughes, I watched Pretty in Pink last night. (I would love to have a movie marathon this weekend of his others, but am heading off to the Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games instead.) And watching Pretty in Pink last night made me remember a few things. First is how awesome John Hughes’ movies are for having the perfect music for what is going on and who the characters are. Another thing was how awesome the casting in his movies was. Oh, how I wanted to be just like Molly Ringwald in some of the ones that she was in. Oh, how I loved Jake Ryan. Oh, how I related to The Geek. Oh how I hated Steff. Lastly, is how much fun the dialogue was in his movies. Here are a few of my favourite quotes:

The Geek: So, what’s your story? I mean, you got a guy, or…?
Samantha: Yes, three big ones, and they lust wimp blood so quit bugging me or I’ll sic them all over your weenie ass.

Andie: You know your talking like that just because I’m going out with Blane.
Duckie: His name is Blane? Oh! That’s a major appliance, that’s not a name!

John Hughes, you will be greatly missed, and teen movies will never be the same without you.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 1:00 pm August 7, 2009.
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