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Ruby Gloom’s Keys to Happiness

Written by: Clam Lynch
Illustrated by: Martin Hsu
Originally Published: 2004
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc., a subsidiary of La Martiniere Group

Ruby Gloom's Keys to HappinessI will fully admit that I love cartoons. Ruby Gloom is one of my favourites, and I catch it whenever I am able to. When Cat mentioned that Chapters had Ruby Gloom books in the bargain section, I knew I had to get one. Had to – there wasn’t even an option there.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Ruby Gloom is a Canadian cartoon about a character by the same name. She lives in a Victorian home with a bunch of crazy characters, like Misery (who has crazy bad luck) and Skull Boy (who happens to be a skeleton). And it’s just So Much Fun! It’s based on merchandise made by an American company, which explains why this book was published before the show was aired.

So! This book is Ruby’s keys to happiness! And each spread has a picture of some shenanigans going on with a little saying next to coincide with the picture. Little pearls of wisdom from Ruby, really. And what pearls they are – “Two heads are better than one … especially when they’re both on the same body.” Or “Don’t believe everything you hear … especially if it’s from a ghost. They’re so dramatic!”

Definitely a lot of fun.

And now I have the Ruby Gloom theme song stuck in my head.

The Bottom Line: A must-have for Ruby Gloom fans!

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 1:41 pm July 11, 2009.
Category: Children's

  • Nicola

    Oh, I loooove this show so much too! And the theme song is great! I can’t remember all their names but I love the one with one eye!

  • Cat

    Was this in the bargain section, too?!?! I didn’t see it! I want to get one for my very own. I am beyond thrilled that my friend at work got me the one I have. Ruby Gloom is so fun and cute!

    Also, it would appear you are not showing up in my google reader. :( I didn’t know you posted this until I check the incoming links on my dashboard. Hmm. Must look into that.