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The Amazing Transformation of my Filing Cabinet

When I moved out, I took an old filing cabinet of my parents’ that they were no longer using but hadn’t actually gotten rid of yet. It certainly looks its age, and boy is it UGLY.

This past Friday night, I decided that I was sick of looking at it, and so proceeded to search Apartment Therapy for something I could do with it. And I found a VERY easy project. So, after buying a roll of wrapping paper yesterday afternoon, I spent this evening transforming that old and ugly filing cabinet into something MUCH more my style.

And when I say that it was a VERY easy project, I mean all that really had to be done was removing the handles (and other hardware) on the drawers, use spray adhesive to stick wrapping paper to every visible surface, then reattach all hardware.

Normally, I hate spray adhesive. I would MUCH rather work with rubber cement. I spent three years in college using it to mount projects, and always managed to get it ALL OVER MYSELF. Not fun! That said, there are some instances when working with spray adhesive ends up looking a heck of a lot better. This is DEFINITELY one of those instances. So, as much as I hate the stuff, I decided it was worth it to suffer sticky hands for the next day or so in order to prettify that ugly piece of metal.

Of course, I did run into a few setbacks. Another problem I have with spray adhesive (or any type of adhesive, really) is making everything line up in a way that I am happy with. So it took longer than I expected it to.

But other than that, it was super easy. And I have to say that I’m quite happy with the outcome. Take a look for yourself. (Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

filing cabinets

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:31 pm April 19, 2009.
Category: Creative Excursions

  • Memory

    Great project! It looks wonderful.

  • Chris

    Wow! That is IMPRESSIVE! :D

  • Court

    Memory – It IS a great project and so easy. Thanks!

    Chris – haha, thanks!! :)

  • Shanra

    Wow! That really is an amazing transformation! Well-worth sticky hands, I’d say! May you find loads of enjoyment from the restyled filing cabinet!

  • sassymonkey

    Cool! That looks fantastic!

  • Katie

    What a great idea! Looks fabulous!!

  • Court

    Shanra, sassymonkey & Katie – thank you! :)

  • Kailana

    That’s a pretty cool idea! Even I could do that! lol