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Don’t Judge A Girl By Her Cover

Author: Ally Carter
To Be Released: June 2009
Publishers: Hyperion

Don’t Judge a Girl by her Cover is the third book in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series. It starts right at the end of summer vacation before the beginning of Cammie’s junior year of high school. And Cammie doesn’t go to any ordinary school – she goes to a school that trains spies.

One of Cammie’s friends, Macey, is on the campaign trail with her family when Cammie goes for a visit. It is on the visit that the two girls realize they are in the middle of a kidnapping attempt, and their training as spies helps them out of what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Though they don’t escape completely unscathed – both girls are more than a little traumatized when they start their next semester at school.

Soon Cammie’s other best friends have joined her in her campaign to keep Macey safe from harm on the campaign trail. Even when it means sneaking out of school to do it.

So. I was totally NOT expecting to get an ARC of this. And so I may have been EXTREMELY excited when I realized that I had a book in my hands that I had been expecting to have to wait another four months to read. Eep! Considering it was October 2007 when I read the second one in the series, WELL! That’s been a lot of time to build up anticipation for this one.

And was it worth it? Did I enjoy it as much as the first two? Was it everything I wanted it to be?

Well… yes… and no.

For one, it was too short – I got through it too quickly. For another, so many unanswered questions! I am bemoaning all the unanswered questions and the time I’m going to have to wait until I can discover more! And people who want to see a lot of Zach will be disappointed – he makes a few appearances, but there’s not a whole heck of a lot of interaction between him and Cammie. In fact, a lot of characters felt like they didn’t have much screen time.

But the good definitely outweighs the bad. Because this book is still totally adorable. And I enjoyed the plot of this one so much more than Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy. In Cross My Heart, they are dealing with a bunch of boys who spend a semester at their school – in Don’t Judge a Girl By Her Cover, they are dealing with a kidnapping attempt. Definitely much more exciting, yes?

Plus, the book was still able to surprise and shock me, and leave me wanting needing to know more. There was at least one moment that gave me pause and I know I’ll be rereading the book to see if I can pick up any clues that were pointing to how things turn out.

Bottom Line: This is a great series for anyone who’s looking for an adorable YA series. But, make sure you read the first two before reading this one, because while this one covers a bit of the back story, it’s just enough to remind people who have read the series before what’s happened. You may get a little lost jumping in part way through.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 5:46 pm March 5, 2009.
Category: Young Adult
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  • Laura

    I’m very excited for this one – such a fun series! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • sassymonkey

    Gah! You got this ARC? I’m jealous. Love this series.

  • Court

    Laura – It really is such a fun series!!

    sassymonkey – I love it too. :)

  • Kristin

    GG4 NEEDS to come out NOW!
    Seriously, I read the ARC in like 3 hours and was so surprised when it ended.
    I need to discuss this book with somebody…

  • Icee

    mmm, I read Dont Judge a Girl by her Cover, and it was AMAZING :D
    yea, I was a bit dissapointed that Zach hardly made any appearances, but the plot was still awesome. However, the few times that zach DID appear were soo sweet :)
    Im dying to read the fourth book.
    Im a bit confuse about the third book though. So Zach knew that the people were after Cammie and not Macey? Was that why Zach was following Cam around or something? Jeesh, if that was the case, OMGOMGOMG, THATS SOOO CUTTEE :) <3