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Let It Snow

Authors: Maureen Johnson, John Green & Lauren Myracle
Originally Published: 2008

Let It SnowLet It Snow is a collection of three stories that take place in the snowy town of Gracetown over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Jubilee Express, by Maureen Johnson, starts the collection. A story about a girl named after a piece in the Flobie Santa Village collection, Jubilee’s parents get arrested on Christmas Eve during a riot at the Flobie Santa Village showroom. Not a great start to any Christmas, but it gets worse when Jubilee’s parents arrange for her to take the train to Florida to visit her grandparents, causing her to miss out on her boyfriend’s family’s Christmas Eve party. Not what Jubilee had expected at all, especially considering her one year anniversary with her boyfriend is on Christmas eve, but he seems more distant than ever and doesn’t seem bothered at all that Jubilee won’t be able to spend their anniversary together.

When the train gets stuck in the snow outside of Gracetown, Jubilee hikes to the Waffle House she can see from the train, where she meets up with the adorable Stuart, who convinces her to come back to her place for Christmas – a much better solution than spending Christmas stuck in a Waffle House with a gaggle of cheerleaders.

In John Green’s A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle, Tobin and his friends are interrupted from their James Bond marathon by their friend, Keun, who is acting manager at the aforementioned Waffle House. The other two staff members and Keun have decided that there is only enough room in the Waffle House for one group of friends to join them and the cheerleaders. So Tobin and co. have to race two other groups to get to the Waffle House first, along with a game of Twister, in order to spend Christmas with the group of cheerleaders.

Things get complicated, though, as one of Tobin’s group of friends happens to be the Duke, a girl that Tobin is just realizing he is starting to have feelings for. And she is wholly unimpressed by his distraction with cheerleaders.

The Patron Saint of Pigs, by Lauren Myracle, is the last story in this collection. Addie has just broken up with her boyfriend, Jeb, but wants to get back with him more than anything. However, they were supposed to meet up on Christmas Eve at Starbucks for coffee, only he was on the train that got snow-bound; as his phone was broken he couldn’t get word through to Addie and she believes that he didn’t show because he no longer loves her.

Add to the fact that Addie is now so distracted by her own sufferings that she has forgotten all about her friend Tegan’s Christmas gift – a teacup pig. By the time she gets to the pet store the day after Christmas, the pig that has already been purchased for Teagan and was just waiting to be picked up has been sold to another person.

While I have read stuff by John Green and Maureen Johnson before, I’ve never read any of Lauren Myracle’s books. I may be tempted to at this point. Each of the stories had such distinct voices, but they were all quite well written. I got through the stories in this book within a couple of hours each. They were diverting, charming, romantic and heart-warming in the way that the best Christmas stories always are, and sucked me in completely.

What I liked best about this book was how intertwined it all was. It separates each of the three stories, and each is written by one particular person, but characters from each of the three stories appear in each of the other stories, and don’t lose their characterization throughout. Take, for example, Tinfoil Guy, a man who never leaves his house unless he is covered head to foot in tinfoil. He appears in each story, someone invariably asks him about the tinfoil, and his response is always very similar in each. Or there’s the fact that some of the main characters either make a short appearance or are mentioned in the other stories.

Definitely an enjoyable read, and something I would recommend to anyone who needs some holiday reading in order to get them into the spirit of the season.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 6:18 pm December 7, 2008.
Category: Young Adult
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  • Nymeth

    I have this waiting for me on my nightstand and I’m looking forward to it even more now. I actually didn’t know the novellas were interconnected. That’s so cool.

  • Kailana

    haha, a very fitting title for the weather that I am currently experiencing! I actually want it to stop snowing, though, so I can get home from work! I might have to look into this book, though. I don’t have very many Christmas or winter-related books on my TBR pile this year.

  • Court

    Nymeth – Yeah, they’re all connected. It’s usually only a mention or two of familiar characters until you get to the end of the third story, where there’s a lot more interconnectedness going on.

    Kailana – Ah yes, it gets crazy out east where you are every winter. I hope you were able to get home okay!