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Ghost Town

Ghost TownI went to see Ghost Town this afternoon with a friend – there wasn’t much out that we had either heard much about, or particularly wanted to see, so it was a toss up between this one and Burn After Reading. Boy, am I glad we decided to see this one.

I’ve only ever seen a few things that Ricky Gervais has been in, but I know that he’s a very funny actor. As far as Greg Kinnear goes, well at times I quite enjoy his work, and at others … I don’t. Happily, this was one of those times where I quite enjoyed his stuff. Gervais and Kinnear played so well off each other, their bantering was by far the best part of this movie. And there was a lot of bantering. It was all completely laugh-out-loud, can’t-drink-my-iced-tea-for-fear-of-spitting-it-out funny.

The rest of the movie was alright, as was the rest of the cast – the female lead (played by Téa Leoni) was pretty good, and there were A LOT of familiar faces in the minor characters, but they faded into the background when Kinnear and Gervais were on screen.

This was a very funny movie, and is definitely something I would recommend to someone to pass a couple of hours quite happily.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:33 pm September 20, 2008.
Category: Movie Reviews

  • the taoist

    I saw both, actually. And though I was not quite as enthused as the writer above, I agree that it was better to see Ghost Town than the Coen Brothers movie. The latter was so broad that it didn’t make sense. It was almost as if Brad Pitt and George Clooney were told to act goofy and get paid for it. I’m all for farce, but there were so many times when it just seemed that the stars of this movie were trying too hard.