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Madam President

Author: Lane Smith
Originally Published: 2008

Madam PresidentI really am just a Lane Smith fangirl, I will admit that. There is something about his illustrations that can leave me entranced for hours on end, just staring at them. And every time I look at one of his illustrations, I find something new that I love.

Madam President is a charming story about all of the things that a president has to do – everything from kissing babies and attending funerals to cleaning her (or his) room. The highlight of the story (in case you can’t guess it from the previous paragraph) are the illustrations. They add so much to the story, both in the case of adding more humour and adding more dimension to the story.

My favourite spread is the one below (you can click on the thumbnail to see a larger version). The typography itself is so beautiful, and conveys so much more than regular unformatted text ever could.

Madam President Spread

This was definitely up to the standards that I expect from Lane Smith. Beautiful illustrations, cute and charming story, and awesome typography. I will definitely be coming back to this book again and again, no doubt about that.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 5:23 pm September 2, 2008.
Category: Children's
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