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Tim, Defender of the Earth

Author: Sam Enthoven
Originally Published: 2008

Tim Defender of the EarthThink Godzilla meets Battlestar Galactica. Or Cloverfield meets Terminator. It’s monster vs machine, and the world is totally depending on the monster to save the earth from total annihilation.

Tim, Defender of the Earth is not your average monster story. Action-packed from the beginning, Tim is the story of a top-secret military experiment – Tyrannosaurus: Improved Model. When government funding on this particular military experiment gets cut and the British Prime Minister orders Tim’s death, Tim escapes from the top secret military facility. Once escaped, he learns exactly how much this tiny little world needs saving.

Professor Mallahide, the head scientist of another top-secret military experiment, specializes in nanobots. When he experiments on himself, and becomes nothing more than part of the swarm of nanobots, he is determined to bring the human race to their next step in the evolutionary process (or so he believes) by turning everyone into a mass of nanobots with him.

Fifteen-year-old Chris is more concerned with being cool than he is with the state of the world, but when he is chosen as the one person who can help Tim defeat what has become of Professor Mallahide, he has to decide whether to join the world or to turn his back on Tim and the rest of humanity.

I loved every second of this book! It was so much fun. There wasn’t a boring moment – not even at the very beginning when things are just getting started. It puts a totally different spin on the classic monster story, showing through the monster’s eyes what it must be like to be that big and to be considered a terror to people.

Tim is one of the most adorable dinosaurs I’ve ever watched or read, and I totally want to keep him as a pet. Totally. His loyalty towards the earth, and his determination to protect it at all costs was so touching. I do wish that Enthoven had written more interaction between Chris and Tim, as those were some of my favourite parts to read. There is VERY little of that in the book, sadly. It would have been nice to see that developed a little bit more.

I didn’t particularly care as much for Professor Mallahide as I would have liked to. He seemed more like a little kid looking for approval than he did a villain trying to force his perceived “better world” on the rest of humanity, but it gave an interesting spin to things when you saw him talking to his daughter. He just didn’t come across as very … villainous. (Let’s just say that he did NOT get a PhD in horribleness.)

Overall, though, fabulous book! I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves monster movies.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:58 pm July 22, 2008.
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  • Nicola

    Sounds very interesting! Sometimes a pure good FUN book is just the thing. I just finished reading one myself that I think I enjoyed so much just because it was Fun!

    I’ll look out for this; I love Godzilla, et al.

  • heather (errantdreams)

    This one sounds like a total blast!