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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesSo, after two months on the air, and after the season finale, I finally have some thoughts on Terminator: The Sarah Connoer Chronicles. Yes, it’s taken me this long to figure out what I thought about it. And basically what it comes down to is this: The Sarah Connor Chronicles had two really good things going for it, and that outweighed all the bad, boring and cheesy.

Firstly, there was Summer Glau. Oh, Summer Glau how talented and graceful you are. I could seriously sit around and watch her fight bad Terminators all day.

Secondly, John Enbom. Anyone involved with Veronica Mars gets brownie points with me – VM was one of my favourites. So the fact that John Enbom, who wrote numerous VM episodes also wrote one and produced a number of episodes of Terminator, WELL.

Of course, I suppose Brian Austin Green joining the cast half way through the season could be counted towards my enjoyment of the show as well. I had the biggest crush on him when he was in 90210, so I will always have a bit of a soft spot for him.

I didn’t particularly like the people playing Sarah or John Connor; or any of the rest of the cast for that matter. John was too emo for my liking, and Sarah was . . . I don’t know how to describe it. I mean, I know I would be paranoid of all sorts of stuff if I was in her shoes, but she just seemed to go over the top with being over-protective and everything. Then there was the subplot with Agent Ellison – it was too much like the whole Roswell Season One Valenti thing where Valenti was hunting down Max and co. and then ended up on their side.

Plus, the show never really goes into how the whole traveling through time thing works, which I heard from a friend is one of the problems with the movies as well.* This was also one of my problems with the second season of Heroes too. If you don’t at least give me some boundaries, I’m going to think you didn’t put any thought into it while throwing time travel into your TV show. Seriously, how can you have a character meet or see themselves at different points in their lives and not have the universe implode on itself? Even Doctor Who had a time crash and said that the it’s “totally wrong, big emergency, universe goes bang in five minutes.” (And I realize that’s because two time zones are “at war in the heart of the TARDIS,” and not because the same person met themselves at different periods in their life, but it can still be applied here, imo.) So yes, that’s a pet peeve of mine.

I’m not a big TV watcher, so the fact that it brought me back week after week has got to say something good for the show though. If it’s renewed, will I watch it again next season? Not 100% positive yet, but most likely. Especially if Summer Glau, John Enbom and Brian Austin Green continue to be involved in it.

* I’ve never actually watched the movies, so I can’t compare the show to them, but I have no desire to see them. (Arnold is not an actor I particularly like, so…)

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:06 am March 4, 2008.
Category: TV Reviews

  • heather (errantdreams)

    I could watch anything that had Summer fighting in it with good choreography. I think I could, anyway.

    ‘Course, I never got to see this because our DVR stopped recording things. We finally replaced it, but a bit late for season 1.

  • Court

    Heather – Oh, I’m sorry you didn’t get to see it. Maybe it’ll be out on DVD so you can rent it soon.

  • Lisa

    There were a lot of things that made me really like this show. First, of course being Summer. I was never a fan of the Terminator movies…they were just okay to me. I’d never choose to watch them more than once.

    IMO, Brian Austin Green has totally stolen all the scenes he’s been in. I don’t think I’d like the show so much if they got rid of him now. And this is coming from a person that didn’t get to watch 90210 growing up because it was banned from my house along with 3/4 of the shows everyone else my age was watching! I did catch the first two seasons at my best friend’s house and have been watching the rest on SoapNet.

    I am hoping this series does get renewed because I’m looking forward to seeing where the show will go.

  • Loma Coley

    Terrific post! I absolutely consent with you.