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Rick Mercer Report: The Book

Author: Mercer, Rick
Originally Published: 2007
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Source: Purchased

Rick Mercer - RMR The BookThis is my second book for The Canadian Book Challenge.

It’s no secret that I think Rick Mercer is one of the coolest Canadians ever. Not only is he positively hilarious, but he actually makes me interested in Canadian politics. Plus, he has some of the most entertaining interviews on TV. Need I remind anyone of Mercer going skinny dipping with Bob Rae? Or Mercer and David Suzuki in a frozen lake at the OPP training facility? (I should probably mention the wind tunnel at Western, but it really wasn’t that exciting.) And even when I’m in my not-watching-any-TV-programs phases, I don’t miss the Rick Mercer Report. So, I knew I needed this book from the moment I heard about it.

The book consists of a number of Rick Mercer’s rants (that you would’ve seen if you watch the show), as well as a number of blog posts he’s made, and small excerpts from interviews he’s done on the show. While reading the book, I found I remembered a good number of the rants from the show and remembered reading a few of the blog entries, but a good portion of the book seemed new to me too. The rants translated well to paper, but as they are posted to his blog, that wasn’t a surprise to me.

The book is divided into different themes, including Getting What You Voted For, The Trials of Lord Black and Canada’s New Government, and each theme consists of a few different rants/blog entries/etc. It would work well if you were planning on jumping around from one theme to another. Each bit in each theme is in chronological order, so you can easily see how things have progressed over the past few years in regards to certain issues.

This book is definitely a must-have for any fans of the Rick Mercer Report.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 5:22 pm November 4, 2007.
Category: Humour
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  • raidergirl3

    I saw him on The Hour promoting this – he’s so funny. The book would be good, hmm, maybe a Christmas present for the folks?

  • Court

    raidergirl – Definitely a good idea for a Christmas gift. :)

  • John Mutford

    I love his sense of humour as well- though I appreciated him more on This Hour As 22 Minutes. Compiling his rants into a book was a great idea.