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It was the window in my bedroom that made me fall in love with my apartment the first moment I saw it. I have always wanted a window just like it, that one could curl up in a warm blanket and read a good book (or if one is lucky, watch a good thunderstorm!), and it thrilled me that I finally found my window.

Amy Butler - In StitchesFor my birthday, my parents bought me Amy Butler’s book, In Stitches. I had mentioned to them how I was going to sew a few cushions for that window, but had never gotten around to it (such is the story of my life). Partially because I was extremely daunted. I made the curtains in my kitchen, and realized that I don’t know how to sew in a straight line . . . Very discouraging, let me tell you.

Anyway, this book got me motivated to actually go out and buy materials and give it a another go. So, I spent the majority of my May Two-Four weekend holed up in my apartment in front of Lord of the Rings while attempting cushions for my window. And look! sewing01.jpg I am happy to say that I now have the most comfortable window in the world. Or at least the most comfortable window that I’ve ever had. (You can click on the thumbnail to see the picture bigger.)

The best thing of it all, though, was that this book made the project so easy – the most stressful part was threading the bobbin (the instructions in my sewing machine manual are HORRID, and I had forgotten how to do it… alas). Good for beginners like me, which is awesome because I needed a hobby, and there were a couple other projects in here that looked like they’d be fun.

(Side note: I leafed through this book, and it was lust at first sight. Seriously. The design of the book – sleek, sassy, rather sexy – all book designs should be this drool worthy. End of Graphic Designer shpeal.)

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 7:37 pm May 23, 2007.
Category: Creative Excursions

  • Kirsten

    This was the book that got me back into sewing also :) So much so that I started a craft blog. The first project I attempted was her bedside organizer which comes in very handy for us bookish types that keep a TBR stack next to the bed. I have been on a fabric buying frenzy ever since. Great pillows!

  • Court

    How typical that the first sewing projects bookish people would make would some how relate to their reading habits. ;) I was definitely looking at the bedside organizer, and may have to attempt that soon.

  • melrose plant

    woot ! I am so glad you are using that fantabulous window !!

  • Larina

    Ooohh what an inspiring place to read! I want to come and visit you just so I can sit in your window and borrow a good book from your bookshelf for a few cosy hours. :)

  • Court

    Larina – you’re welcome to sit in my window any time you are in Canada! :)

  • Childrens Books

    Hi, thanks for your great posts I’ve enjoyed reading you recently, good to see some people who enjoy books as much as we do!