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The Bermudez Triangle

Author: Johnson, Maureen
Originally Published: 2004
Publisher: Razorbill
Source: Borrowed

The Bermudez TriangleOkay, if you read any blog that remotely talks about YA news (and even some that don’t), you’ve probably heard that a book by the lovely Maureen Johnson got banned in some school in the USA. After I finished 13 Little Blue Envelopes I said that I would read more books by Johnson, but I didn’t expect it to be quite this soon. However, once I heard that The Bermudez Triangle got banned, I put aside what I was reading, and took this out from the library. I had to see what all the fuss was about. I already thought book bannings were stupid. Now I’m completely annoyed with people who challenge books. Utterly and thoroughly annoyed.

Because this was one of the truest books I’ve read about high school life in a long time. It’s a really well written book, and I couldn’t help but being completely drawn into the lives of the three girls in the book. I couldn’t help the fact that I totally empathized with everything the characters were feeling. I couldn’t help being heartbroken, and excited and totally touched by what happened to the characters in this book.

See, The Bermudez Triangle is about 3 girls. The summer before their senior year, Nina goes away to a summer program at Standord, while Mel and Avery spend their summer working. One morning, after a night of partying, Mel and Avery kiss, and their friendship moves to the next level. This book explores how relationships effect friendship – between two friends who start a relationship, between friends where one side becomes distant due to a new relationship, what happens after two people who were friends first split up… and it is all so real. Who couldn’t relate to anything any of these girls are feeling?

Yes, one of the protagonists is a lesbian. Yes, some of the characters kiss. A lot YA books have characters kissing, and compared to a good number of other YA books, The Bermudez Triangle is extremely tame. So we know WHY exactly this book got challenged, and quite frankly I find that rather disturbing. And I’m going to stop now before this turns into a full blown rant.

Anyway, if you’re interested in keeping up with the news on the attempt to get The Bermudez Triangle un-banned, she’s been talking about it on her blog.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:53 pm May 3, 2007.
Category: Young Adult
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  • Little Willow

    Kudos to you for supporting TBT. It’s a fantastic book, and it features Parker, my undeniable favorite of Maureen’s original characters. I am shouting about this bad banning from the rooftops.

  • Lisa

    Book bannings make me mad. :(

    It’s sad that the books that get banned are often the ones truest to life.

  • Nymeth

    I heard about this recently – it really is outrageous. And I’m very curious to read the book now.

  • Little Willow

    Now there is a petition against the banning and in support of the book. I hope you’ve signed it!

  • Court

    Little Willow – I saw the petition and signed yesterday, but thanks for the link! I hope that everything everyone’s done will help the situation out, even if it’s only to help bring the issue of banning books more to the public eye.

    Nymeth – I highly recommend that you do read the book, it’s quite good.

    Lisa – they make me mad too!!

  • jmfausti

    I have had 13 Little Blue Envelopes languishing on my bookshelf for eons. I keep promising to get around to it, but never manage.

    Hooray to you for supporting banned books! Aren’t these challengey types sort of scary? Most of them want books banned, even when they admit that they’ve never even read the books in question.

  • Court

    jmfausti – It makes me so angry that people will challenge and ban these books without ever actually reading them. So angry. Are you still working on that banned book list?