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Beka Cooper: Terrier

Author: Pierce, Tamora
Originally Published: 2006
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

Beka Cooper: TerrierWhen I say that this book is worth everything I had to put up with to get it autographed by Ms. Pierce, you have to understand what I mean. I’d never read anything by this author before, so when I was told by a good friend (who somehow always manages to know exactly what she’s talking about) that I had to go and get both herself and me a copy of this book and get it signed, I ran to get it done. In my rush, I managed to forget both my iPod and my book in my apartment, which is never a good thing, because the one time you forget something is the one time you’ll need it. So, I arrive at Chapters, and there’s a good hour wait in the line before I could get an autograph. Fine, no problem. Until I start to overhear the girls behind me.

They were self-proclaimed book lovers, and managed to get onto the topic of Alcott’s Little Women. I was somewhat shocked when not one, but both (in unison at that!) stated they had never read the book but watched the movie, and reading the book and watching the movie are obviously the Exact Same Thing. (A book lover could actually think that?) When these two girls started raving about how Dan Brown is the be-all and end-all of fiction writers, though, I tried my hardest to tune them out.

Only to realize that the girls in front of me were Nicole Richie fangirls.

So when I say that this book was worth waiting through an hour of being surrounded by people raving about Dan Brown and Nicole Richie, I mean that this book was GOOD. And it was worth being able to talk with Pierce for a few seconds, and made me feel confident that I was getting a good book.

This is the first book in a trilogy that’s the prequel to the Alanna series (which is great for someone like me who hasn’t read any of her other books), and tells the story of Beka Cooper, a young girl who is on her way to becoming a Dog (cop-type-person) in the bad end of town. She has the ability to hear the ghosts of dead people, which helps her to solve two big cases.

I got caught up in the story from the very beginning. I lost much sleep over the weekend because I couldn’t put it down. The characters were all wonderful, the story was enchanting! And now I want to read more about Beka.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 10:02 pm December 12, 2006.
Category: Young Adult
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  • Kailana

    Oh, what a cool author to get to meet! I have never read her, either, but I own a book by her that I plan to read in this century. The Chapters around here is not near me, and even if it was, not sure there are really authors that ever go there that interest me…

  • Courtney

    It was sheer luck that I found out she was even doing the signing, and it wasn’t at my normal Chapters. (And yes, I even got lost coming home from the signing, as I’ve just recently moved to the city and haven’t figured out my whole way around yet!)

  • Lisa

    I love all her books except the Magic Circles series. You are so lucky to get that signed! I have an advanced version of it but it’s missing the last chapter. You would love the rest of her books! :)

  • Cadi

    Read the Trickster’s Choice and Trickster’s Queen! they are the best of all her books.

  • Lindsay

    Read all the Tortall books. Alanna is first, then Wild Magic, ummm… Protector of the Small, Trickster and then Beka. About 15 so far.

  • jmfausti

    I’m glad the book didn’t disappoint, especially after the conditions you had to endure to get it signed. You’ve made an excellent case for the purchase of an ipod.