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North and South

Author: Gaskell, Elizabeth
Originally Published: 1855
Publisher: Penguin

North and SouthThis was my third book for the From the Stacks challenge; I had been meaning to read it since I finished Wives and Daughters, and just never got around to it. Coincidentally, TVO was airing the miniseries this month, and between the challenge and the miniseries, I was given the much-needed nudge to finally pick this book up.

Margaret is a young woman whose father has just given up his living as the parson in a small town. The family moves to Milton, an industrial town in the middle of the Industrial Revolution. It’s quite a big change for Margaret – the people here are completely different than anything she had ever known before, in thought, in manners, work and the like. There she meets Mr. Thornton, who runs a cotton mill… and, well, it’s Pride and Prejudice of the Industrial Revolution. So we all know the wonderful story, how things start with Thornton and Margaret, how they end and it’s all so delicious.

So delicious. See, now this is the kind of romance that I enjoy, that I can thoroughly lose myself in. A lot of women I know get so involved with that badly-written, churned out chick lit (not that all of it is like that, I know, and thus I apologize if you love the stuff), and I just don’t get it. My brain would go to mush reading it all. I say, give me romance that has substance to it! Something romantic that is more than just fluff and sex; give me something to nourish me! Something where the female characters are strong, none of that ditzy female garbage. Where she can do more than just survive through the toughest stuff the world can throw at her, where she doesn’t go and throw herself into situations where you’re embarrassed to even be reading about them. Ah! Now that is what I call a very good read!

I think it is time to take a little break from the From the Stacks challenge. A Christmas Carol and Narnia are calling me. (I am in dire need of some Eustace Scrubb and Jill Pole! And perhaps Puddleglum.) Tamora Pierce’s book is also looking awfully inviting. I think I’m going to spend the weekend as I have not had a chance to spend it in a while – doing very little other than curling up with a good book or two.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 9:12 pm December 1, 2006.
Category: Classics
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  • melrose plant

    Thornton. Yay.

    ( that’s all I have to say….)

    I think you have been doing rather well in your stacks challenge so I believe you deserve a break!!!