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The Penguin Anthology of Canadian Humour

Author: Ferguson, Will
Originally Published: 2006
Publisher: Viking, Penguin

The Penguin Anthology of Canadian HumourWhen I first saw this anthology in the bookstores, I had to grab it. I mean, it’s edited by Will Ferguson, how could it not be absolutely fabulous? (I am muchly of the belief that anything Will Ferguson touches is positively brilliant.) And oh, it was wonderful. It’s been sitting on my night table for the whole summer, while I have been savouring bits here and there whenever I felt the need for some scrumptious Canadian humour.

This anthology has selections from some of Canada’s best humour writers – some of which I had read and loved before, others of which I had never heard of; it covered everything from hockey (only to be expected), to daily life on the prairies, to everything in between.

My favourite bits were by Jack Knox, Richard J. Needham, Erika Ritter and, of course Will and Ian Ferguson. I am quite happy as this has given me more writers whose books I need to hunt down. (Like I really need that.)

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 10:42 pm August 21, 2006.
Category: Humour
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  • melrose plant

    Will Ferguson is the greatest person to ever live~~~

    I am glad you liked to book!

    He so is the greatest person to ever live. I think I might have a literary crush on him. –C