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Prince of the Blood

Author: Feist, Raymond E.
Originally Published: 1989
Publisher: Spectra, a division of Bantam Books

Prince of the BloodPrince of the Blood is a book set in the Riftwar universe. Years have passed since the Riftwar, and Prince Arutha’s twin sons, Borric and Erland, are at their point in life where they’ve got to get serious about who they are. Arutha’s brother is King of the Isles, and according to doctors is not going to have any children – this means that Arutha’s eldest son will become heir to the throne of the kingdom. One of the first tasks the twins have to do is go to a neighbouring kingdom to celebrate the birthday of the Empress of that kingdom.

Unfortunately, on the way there, the group is ambushed. Borric is thought to be dead, but is really captured to be sold into slavery – part of a plot to create an all-out war between the neighbouring countries. The rest of the group suspects this, but must continue heading towards the Empress’ jubilee in order to prevent this possible war, all the time with Erland thinking that his brother is dead and he has to be the new heir to the kingdom.

Let me start with a little bit about the way I think of the last two books in the Anne of Green Gables series. I love those books because they are about Anne and Gil’s kids, and I would love those kids just for the sake they are Anne and Gil’s kids. Even if I didn’t like the kids at all, I would love these books for that reason. I think that’s how I started out with Prince of the Blood. In the Riftwar books, Arutha was always my favourite character, and when I heard that this book was about his kids, I couldn’t be happier. Because obviously, if they are kids of Arutha’s, and they have a whole book written about them, then they’ve got to be just as lovable as Arutha is. Really. (And that logic makes sense in my mind.)

I was by no means disappointed by the book. It was exciting, and didn’t feel predictable – even though I knew how it had to end, I didn’t know how it was going to get to the ending, which was all good by me.

I’m starting to wonder if there’s some rule that I don’t know about that states that all red-headed twins must be mischievous, because really. You’ve got Fred and George from the Harry Potter books, there’s Borric and Erland from this book, and there’s also the Hitachiin twins from Ouran High School Host Club.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 6:44 pm July 30, 2006.
Category: Speculative Fiction
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