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Once Upon Stilettos

Author: Swendson, Shanna
Originally Published: 2006
Publisher: Ballantine Books

Once Upon StilettosI really should have known that to start reading this book at 10:30 at night would be a very bad idea and result in my having about 3 hours of sleep that night. It would appear, however, that I didn’t even think about that when I picked it up. Ah well.

It was a cute book; not quite as good as the first book, Enchanted, Inc., but still quite enjoyable.

In this installment, Katie’s parents decide to come to New York for a visit, and Katie discovers that her mother is as immune to magic as she is. Only problem is that Katie is losing her immunity. This, obviously, is quite a problem as she works at a company that deals with magic, and the reason they had hired her was because of her immunity to it. And of course, things start to go drastically wrong when Katie finds a pair of red stilettos that she simply HAS to have; what she doesn’t realize is that they are enchanted and now that her immunity to magic is gone, she’s under the spell put on those shoes.

Ah, the things that happen when her parents are in New York. Katie had to attempt to explain them all away, and I can imagine that was not an easy task. But my favourite part? Katie and her mother are having lunch, and everyone in the restaurant other than the two of them and one other wizard start doing a chorus line. Seriously, that would so be a dream come true for me – eveyone being all normal and then all of a sudden, Bam! They break out in song and dance. Or in this case, just dance, but still.

Posted by Courtney Wilson @ 8:37 am June 12, 2006.
Category: Chick Lit
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